ESC to close 3.51 (by 2802 users)kkotminam ramyeongage 꽃미남 라면가게
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized kkotminam ramyeongage
english Flower Boy Ramen Shop
literal Flower Boy, Ramyun Shop


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 31 Oct, 2011 - 20 Dec, 2011
episodes 16
duration 45 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 23:10 - 23:55
status released


avg. score 3.51 of 5 by 2802 users
total users 4269
rating 9823
favorites 145


dakchigo: kkotminam band
2012 TV kr
iutjib kkotminam
2013 TV kr
yeonaejojakdan; cyrano
2013 TV kr


When her father suddenly dies, Yang Eun Bi sees herself confronted with an important decision: Does she want to inherit the ramyeon shop of her family, or is she going to give in the pleads of Cha Chi Su, the son of a rich company owner and the self-proclaimed prince of his school, who wants her back as a teacher after she resigned because of hitting him twice. If that was not enough, Eun Bi is pursued by Choe Gang Hyeok, who always claims that they are married. Maybe there is a chance to solve all the problems and find a solution?




Cha Chi Su
Choe Gang Hyeok
Yang Eun Bi
Gang Dong Ju
Yang Cheol Dong
Cha Ok Gyun




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18 Feb, 2012

/The End.

This is basically a very simple, straight-forward romantic comedy. Pretty unusual loud young woman aspiring to become a teacher for the prestige meets arrogant teenage offspring of a pretty wealthy family, they have hilariously immature fights, another possible love interest of hers turns up and... well, that's basically how the story goes. In between they all work in a ramen shop hiring only handsome boys which is where the title comes from.

It was cute and had some touching moments but overall it was only fluff, nothing deep. But that's cool with me because that's what I was prepared for. Around the end I got a quite tired of it and skipped some scenes but that's what always happens when I watch romcom, so it didn't actually have so much to do the drama in particular.

The characters were all really loveable, the sole exception being that ballet girl. I really liked the part about the friendship between the runaway boy and the boy whose father was in debts.

I'd say that this drama is the right choice for everyone who just wants random, brainless hilarity and romance. I sure had fun enough, so I watched all the episodes straight without a break. In a few months I probably won't even remember exactly what it was about but I don't regret the time I spent watching it.
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29 Jan, 2012
This story starts off with Yang Eun Bi - a teacher-to-be - and how she gets dumped by her boyfriend after waiting for two years for him to return from the army. While being all down and over with the world, she meets Cha Chi Su, who helps her a little bit to get revenge on her boyfriend and Choe Gang Hyeok, a friend from her father. It turns out Cha Chi Su is her student and that only after a lot of stupid things happened with him. Things get worse when her father dies and leaves his ramen shop in her care. Now the real fun can begin... She ends up living with four beautiful boys (one childhood friend, Cha Chi Su, Gang Hyeok and another student from her class) in the ramen shop.

My first impression from that drama was: Low budget. I saw a lot of gifs on tumblr and since Jeong Il U (Scheduler from 49 days) was in it, I finally decided to watch it, since the gifs were also pretty fun to look at. But still, it felt pretty low budget. One episode is only 45 minutes, some scenes really don't seem like they invested a lot of money - but still! I fell in love with the story instantly. It's a good romance story, nothing complicated. There isn't the regular villain girl you want to shoot on the moon and the side guy isn't overly dramatic when he realizes that he doesn't get the girl. Even though the storyline of rich-guy-loves-poor-girl-parent-doesn't-like-it didn't get boring. Because this parent was totally different from all the mighty, scheming parents we've seen in other shows. He was just a comedy-dad, but still very strict on who his son can marry or can't marry.

So, what makes this low budget drama so good? First of all, the lovely characters I mentioned above. Then the stereotypical story that still feels fresh. I feel like they used totally different things to create the atmosphere and tell a story, we all already know. It's like a good remake of any comedymovie we know.

And I also really like the chemistry between the characters. They feel like friends and they all have their own freaky-problem.

This drama is really good to relax, get a break and forget how awful the world can be. It's just funny and was made good. I even liked the ending. There are touching scenes and very funny scenes. I think anybody can enjoy it. For me, it was one of the best dramas from last year so far.
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01 May, 2014
Both dramas connect romance and food. While watching you might become hungry.

26 Nov, 2011
In both dramas the female lead is tough, physically strong and not ladylike. The male lead is pretty rich but a mess in the thing called love.


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juliavanila 29 Aug, 2016
It was pretty funny, nothing special but I still enjoyed it and laughed a lot.
ryofanka 15 Oct, 2015
You can not take this drama seriously otherwise you will be very disappointed.
So once I got over the fact that some situations are just stupid I started to enjoy it.
And even tho it's not the best drama, because the story line is lacking and some actors suck at playing their roles, it will still have a special place on my list because...
of the kissing scene. XD It was just full on and so tens that I had to re-watch it few times lol Good job Jung Il woo you just landed on my 10 best kissing actors list lol

So over all very happy I have watched it.
ilate 01 Mar, 2015
I have to say, even though the drama wasn't that good as I wanted (and expected) it to be, I still enjoyed it. In my opinion, the drama lacked in a good story line and a lot of things were stupid and I just couldn't help but facepalm a lot of times. Nevertheless, the actors, especially supporting ones, did a very good job! My favorite must be Park Min Woo. The drama was full of random jokes (which I like the most) and made me laugh a lot.

I'd recommend to watch this drama without high expectations.
eliscn 29 Oct, 2014
é bom, divertido de assistir
mas o final poderia ter sido melhor
stehcamine 12 Jun, 2014
Amei com todas as forças. Não é aqueeeeeeeele drama em questão de qualidade, mas é gostoso e divertido de ver, além de ser realmente comédia, sem aquele dramalhão todo que vira as romcoms depois do décimo episódio.
Só me arrependo de não ter assistido antes!
katissleepy 22 Feb, 2014
I discover so many good actors who play 2nd lead in TVN Channel's dramas:
Let's Eat - him
Emergency Couple - Chief/Lee Pil Mo
I Need Romance 3 - Sunbae/Nam Goong Min
Reply 1994 - Chilbong/Yoo Yeon Seok
Who Are You - Ghost Oppa/Kim Jae Wook (hottie but not really good drama - watched it 'cause of him xD)
Monstar - Seon Woo/Kang Ha Neul (dropped the drama but watched some of his singing scenes)
Reply 1997 - Oppa/Song Jong Ho
I Need Romance 2 - LP Guy/Kim Ji Suk
Flower Boy Next Door - Jin Rak/Kim Ji Hoon
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop - Kiddong/Pillar/Tamenegi/Lee Ki Woo
kirtil 09 Dec, 2013
Who are the actors that play Chi Su and Eun Bi during the fantasy/imagination scenes?
kamilles 10 Sep, 2013
i love the beginning, but at the end, it kind of got boring. :(
It was funny overall though.