ESC to close 3.33 (by 99 users)zhen xin qing an liang ci ling 真心請按兩次鈴
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized zhen xin qing an liang ci ling
english Ring Ring Bell
literal Real Love Please Ring The Bell Twice
aka True Love Doesn't Give Up, Xiao Xiang's Beauty, jan sam cheng on leung chi ling, 真心请按两次铃, 小襄的美丽人生, 小襄的美麗人生


genres romance


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network CTS


date 02 Oct, 2011 - 08 Jan, 2012
episodes 15
duration 90 minutes
air day Sunday
at 22:00 - 23:30
status released


avg. score 3.33 of 5 by 99 users
total users 216
rating 330
favorites 3



Zheng Xiao Xiang's first love experience occured under unusual circumstances. Shortly after she became infected and got admitted to a hospital, a photographer came to make a report about the life of the patients. Xiao Xiang let him take photos under one condition -- he had to visit her everyday until she got discharged. During this time, the two began to develop feelings, but failed to confess to each other due to some misunderstandings and then unfortunately lost contact. Eight years pass and now Xiao Xiang is taking care of a little girl alone after her longtime boyfriend dumps her. Hurt and disappointed, she tries to get a new identity card in the government office where unexpectedly meets Ren Jia Kai, her mentioned first crush. Jia Kai apparently doesn't know who she is and upon realizing this, Xiao Xiang is determined to make him prevent from recognizing her as she didn't manage to fulfill their eight years old promise. But as they keep bumping into each other, maybe love can bloom once again.




Ren Jia Kai
Zheng Xiao Xiang
Wang Ke Jie
Tang Ming Xin
Ou Wei
Wang Duo Li




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21 Jan, 2012
Real Love Please Ring The Bell Twice (Ring Ring Bell) is an example of how a show can start of great, tank and still be memorable for nothing more than the acting.

The first few episodes of Ring Ring Bell start of promising, with a heroine that's not a doormat and a lead for whom cold and mean is more of an exception and less of a trait. With such unique characters, and a plot that starts off fast from the beginning, Ring Ring Bell had the shot at being one of the best Taiwanese dramas this year. However, it quickly faltered, falling in to a pit of cliches, and moments that made little to no sense, both on their own and compared to what the story was initially set up as. From unrealistic kidnapping, to typical overdone parental issues and beyond, at some point, you couldn't help wondering what happened.

That being said, the only saving grace for this show (and the only reason the majority of viewers continued watching) was for the acting. He Run Dong and Zhang Jun Ning have amazing chemistry together and watching their antics, combined with Deng Yun Ting were the only parts of the show bearable. If nothing else, the couple moments were the only parts that you don't fast forward to, as He Run Dong sends hearts a flutter with his antics.

If for nothing else, Ring Ring Bell is an easy to watch show that's perfect for those days were you need some cute pick-me-up couple moments, provided you keep your cursor over the fast-forward button.
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da4e 13 Feb, 2013
The most ridiculous plot ever :D But it got me addicted and I watched it till the end (guess I was in the mood for this kind of drama ). The last episode was a bit disappointing despite the happy ending.
verinka 15 Jan, 2012
It started as a really good drama, but somewhere along the way it sank completely into insanity...
nuotian 26 Nov, 2011
I'm totally in love with this drama! The main couple is so cute and they have great chemistry :)
lothiriel 25 Oct, 2011
God, a LITERAL in medias res-start here. They just hurled a bunch of information at us in the first 30 minutes, which normally should have been presented, I don't know, in 2 episodes. That's why things seemed hurried, inconsistent and baseless, maybe they'll be explained later. Or not. And now I can already tell there'll be some horribly annoying characters... but well, the series (and Peter Ho) has a certain charm at this point, so I'll stay.
ancorreia 20 Oct, 2011
I just saw the first ep and I LOVED IT!

Hope it says this good :)

Edit: Completed- It had ups and downs, but overall it was enjoyable and the leads had great chemistry!
leslie 11 Oct, 2011
I like Peter Ho role in Summer Desire so this one should be good ;)