ESC to close 3.51 (by 1178 users)nado, kkot! 나도, 꽃!
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized nado, kkot!
english Me Too, Flower!
literal I'm A Flower!
aka I'm A Flower, Too!


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 09 Nov, 2011 - 28 Dec, 2011
episodes 15
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.51 of 5 by 1178 users
total users 2039
rating 4134
favorites 43



This story follows a fiery police officer, an immature gold digger, a successful business woman and their complex relationships with one man.




Cha Bong Seon
Seo Jae Hui
Park Tae Hwa
Park Hwa Yeong
Kim Dal
Jo Ma Ru




05 Feb, 2012
This drama was... well... good. I heard really positive reports about it, so I checked it out although it doesn't sound all that special. I mean, it's actually hard to put into words what the drama is really about because there wasn't all that much happening. It was all about the relationships between the characters. Between a reclusive billionaire who likes to pretend he's just a parking valet, a female police officer, a single mother who is co-founder and official head of a clothing brand, a gold digger, a psychiatrist and all the people involved around the two main places the story is set at: the police station and the clothing store. The characters loved and betrayed and laughed together and did some horrible things to each other. Everyone was somehow mentally messed up behind a happy facade.

The characters actually were the big strength of the drama. There was no character whose actions would have seemed implausible. Wrong maybe but not out of nowhere. The ultimate weakness of the drama ultimately was though that there really wasn't that much plot. As much as I loved the beginning, at some point it just got somewhat draggy.

Anyway, all in all it was pretty good and I think the actors did a good job portraying the characters.
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08 Jan, 2012
A surprisingly well-done show, I'm A Flower! starts off with typical lead characters, and then promptly throws all cliches out the window by the end of episode 1. While it does take a while for the show to gain it's footing, once it does, I'm A Flower! shows depth. While the story starts to lose focus later on and drag (removing the one villain would have derailed the entire plot, which is never a good thing), the show is all heart.

Yun Si Yun proves that Baker King Tak Gu was not a one hit wonder for him, as he becomes Seo Jae Hui and all the troubles the character brings. And Lee Ji A finally has a role that is made for her, in what's her best acting yet. The problem is, other than those two, none of the others are really all that memorable or unique. But if you like the leads, you'll like the show.

The music is nice and never overdone. And while the directing is nothing to write home about, it's not so bad that it detracts from the viewing experience.

While I'm A Flower! isn't the best show out there, it is by far, not the worst. It's memorable and easy to watch, with the goods far outweighing the bads.
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10 Apr, 2012
The romance in both is quite the same. Everything between the main leads starts without any problems, but after lies have been revealed, everything shatters between them.


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nimnz 02 Oct, 2014
the main actress... seriously? I'm trying not to drop it, but I'll decide after watching the 3rd episode.


lol there's no way I'd go any further.
Basically I started watching it out of curiosity to watch Gikwang's acting since I'm a fan of B2ST, but then I begun to realize what a stupid drama this is -.- and the story isn't interesting at all, and the cast feels.. off?
Lee Ji A is irritating as an actress, and her character in the drama is even more irritating. Yun Shi Yun... he looks sooo young!! I liked him in 'High Kick' but this role is so not him! They should've picked someone who looks old and mature enough to be Seo Jae Hui.

And just that, Dropped.
tomoesama 22 May, 2014
Well, I can't say really, but I thought Seo Jae Hee was in his 30s which I also found weird because Yun Si Yun looks everything but a 30 year old. So it would make more sense if he actually was 25 years old. Most probably it was lack of attention on the plot as many other things. It might have been that you got lost, it's not so hard to get lost in this drama :P
P.s: It was too boring for me to manage to finish it so soon.

Lol, I think all stalkers say that :P
Yep, it's because of that cunning fox familiar xD
danisensei 22 May, 2014
As you just finished this drama ~just like me~ did you notice sth? I don't know if I got lost, but see if you follow me: when Park Hwa Yeong, her son and Seo Jae Hee go visit her husband's grave, her son says he's gonna be 8 y.o. After that, his father 'visit' Seo Jae Hee and says he was only 17 y.o. (so they couldn't drink together). That would make Seo Jae Hee be 25 y.o. So... did I really get lost or was it a lack of attention on the plot?
P.S.: I only finished this drama faster than you because I got eager to see it out of my 'watching list'. I liked some things about it, like people's problems and behaviour and the reasons that justify them and what they need. But that was all. =p

P.S.²: I swear I'm not stalking you! haha! It just happened for your comment to be the first I saw. xD
P.S.³: Is your nickname due to 'Kamisama Hajimemashita' character? ^.^
tomoesama 06 Apr, 2014
It's an another drama where a great cast is handicapped through a crappy script, as a drama it could have been better, I was mostly disappointed with the ending as it seemed as the writer wanted to end it as soon as possible not caring how stupid it was getting. Another thing that annoyed me was Yoon Shi Yoon, although he was great he was too young to act a 30 year old, he seemed a bit out of place since he looked too young, he would have been better if his character was a few years younger.

Edit: Lol, I just realised my last comment was exectly a year ago XD ~ it took me a complete year to finish this drama...
somiboo 06 Apr, 2014
Somewhat struggling with this because of the female lead...its a mix of the actress' acting and the character herself that's throwing me off. The character is so angry at everything all the time that its exhausting, she's a weak, insecure, and miserable person and it pretty much makes her a complete bitch and so its hard to tolerate her. Then there is Lee Ji A's acting, which pretty much hasn't changed since Legend (although when I watched her in that I didn't mind her acting so much, it was a damn awesome drama).

I'm forging ahead though because aside from her its an interesting drama.
manu2202 01 Apr, 2013
una pregu donde puedo verme los capitulos bien es q no salen sino hasta ek 5
sangochan 15 Mar, 2013
@ofelya exactly *.*
ofelya 10 Mar, 2013
secret boss.... wow cool :D
oh my gawddd yun si yun you are such a good kisser *___________* The best kiss I have seen in a K-drama. what a delicious kiss <3 lol suddenly i felt so alone after that kiss ahahha