Supporting Cast Revealed For "Hana No Zuborameshi"

akiraka 18 Oct, 2012

The remaining supporting cast for the upcoming drama series "Hana No Zuborameshi" was announced October 16. Among those joining the previously announced lead actress Kurashina Kana and Katou Shigeaki will be comedians Kojima Kazuya and Tsukaji Muga of the comedy duos "UN-JASH" and "Drunk Dragon" respectively, as well as fashion model and actress Kikuchi Akiko. A list of the complete cast as released thus far follows:

Komazawa Hana (Kurashina Kana)
Zubora Research Chief Osoi (Katou Shigeaki)
Jikkyou Announcer Hayai (Kojima Kazuya)
Mizuki (Kikuchi Akiko) ~Hana's best friend.
Ono (Nonami Maho) ~Hana's neighbor who lives with Kouenji.
Kouenji (Hamano Kenta) ~Hana's neighbor who lives with Ono.
Gasuketsu (Yamanaka Takashi) ~Hana's friend from her college days.
Ucchii (Tsukaji Muga) ~Hana's friend from her college days.
Bookstore Manager (Kusumi Masayuki) ~Hana's boss.
Hana's Father (Shiga Koutarou)
Animation Voice-overs (Tokyo03)


Late Tuesday (Oct. 16) night, a half-hour preview program entitled "Hana No Zuborameshi ~Subarashiki Zubora No Sekai He Youkoso~ (Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Zubora), aired on TBS which featured interviews and on-site footage as well as background information. Several members of the cast also offered their own personal favorite "Zuborameshi" (quick and simple meal), which were later judged by "Hana No Zuborameshi" creator Kusumi Masayuki and a "King of Zuborameshi" was declared amongst them. Another segment found the comedy trio "Tokyo03" (pronounced "Tokyo Zero-San" and made up of members Toyomoto Akinaga, Iizuka Satoshi, and Kakuta Akihiro pictured above) pay an unannounced visit to the drama set. This provided an awkward comical moment when they knocked on the Komazawa apartment door where lead actress Kurashina Kana was preparing for her film shoot. Unaware of what the three guys were up to, she was at first reluctant to allow them inside.

The first episode of the series is scheduled to initially air late Tuesday night October 23, and will introduce to the viewing audience its main character, Komazawa Hana. A girl who loves to eat, but doesn't much care for housework. She's a bit of a sloppy housewife who currently lives by herself thinking of her beloved husband Goro whose job has taken him away from home. But when she gets hungry.......

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