To help or not to help, that's the question

katalaxy 10 Nov, 2012
gaiiisss :D
Hi! ^^

You see, just like anybody on this site, I love drama's. But I haven't seen that many, only five or something. That's because I don't really know where to look and what shows are really good :I

Maybe you have some recommendations?
I love drama's like:
-Stars Are falling from the sky [byeoreul ttadajwo (별을 따다줘)]
-To the beautiful you [areumdaun geudaeege (아름다운 그대에게)]
-Heartstrings [neon naege banhaesseo (넌 내게 반했어)]

Yeah, stuff like that :D

Help me out if you wish ^^

Byebyee's <3
Random chan 10 Nov, 2012
@katalaxy try out this group event in the Asian Drama Addicts group

:D It's a fun event which can help you find stuff to watch according to your liking^_^.

Also this group might help you
katalaxy 10 Nov, 2012
Yahei, those pages look like they'll be lots of fun! ^^
I'll sign up~ :D