Time Travel Titles (Animations)

bluenvision 17 Dec, 2012
You could see the name, release year and medium when you hover your mouse on the posters.

21 seiki manga hajimete monogatari 2001 TV film

alice 2000 film amatsuki 2008 TV series aoyama goushou tanpenshuu 1999 OVA aratanaru sekai 2012 OVA ai to ken no camelot 1990 film

crayon shinchan 3 1995 film

divergence eve 2003 TV series dna doraemon

fantastic children 2004 TV series fushigi yuugi 1995 TV series

harukanaru toki no naka de 2004 TV series honoo torippaa 1986 OVA

ima soko ni iru boku 1999 TV series inuyasha 2000 TV series inuyasha 2001 film inuyasha 2002 film inuyasha 2003 film inuyasha 2004 film inuyasha 2 2009 TV series

jikuu tantei genshikun 1998 TV series

mind game 2004 film mirai kara kita shounen suupaa jettaa 1965 TV series mirai keisatsu urashiman 1983 TV series misaki chronicle 2004 TV series misaki chronicle 2012 film

natsu no arashi 2009 TV series natsu no arashi 2 2009 TV series natsuiro no sunadokei 2004 OVA noein 2005 TV series nobunaga concerto 2014 TV series

oda nobuna no yabou 2012 TV series ougon no hou 2003 film

pocket monsters 4 2001 film pocket monsters diamond and pearl 3 2009 film

rupan sansei 19 2007 TV film

seikimatsu okaruto gakuin 2010 TV series sengoku otome 2011 TV series sonic x 2003 TV series sora wo miageru shoujo no hitomi ni utsuru sekai 2009 TV series soujuu senshi 1991 OVA steins gate 2011 TV series steins gate 2012 OVA steins gate 2013 film

tenchi muyou 1996 film thermae romae 2012 TV series time travel tondekeman toki wo kakeru shoujo 2006 film twilight q 1987 OVA

yojouhan shinwa taikei 2010 TV series yojouhan shinwa taikei 2010 OVA

zipang 2004 TV series

Random chan 17 Dec, 2012
@bluenvision bluechan, there is an animation forum XD. Why did you open it in dramas lol?
bluenvision 17 Dec, 2012
@Random chan Oops. XDD Sorry. T+T I guess my mind has stopped after all that organizing. lol T+T Could you move it to the animation forum?
ikah 18 Dec, 2012
If you are trying to make a list of all anime, which has some time travelling element, there is OVA called "Natsuiro no Sunadokei". ;)
And anime database called has even tag "time travel" etc, so may be you would like to check that site, too. ;)
Random chan 18 Dec, 2012
@bluenvision sure :D! After I'm back from work today haha.
Random chan 18 Dec, 2012
@bluenvision inuyasha is missing lol :P
bluenvision 18 Dec, 2012
@Random chan Haha I know. XD I will add it later. It just has so many adaptations. lol
melachi 20 Dec, 2012
wow nice list. i like those lists they give you hints on things to watch

Keep up the good work & doumooooo your saving me time :D x2 for the drama list too
(thumps up)