Titles Related To Disability

bluenvision 18 Feb, 2015
@zaharisa I guess titles like that could be added to another list that is mainly about diseases. :O
zaharisa 19 Feb, 2015
@bluenvision - ok. ^^
jangminhae 02 Mar, 2015
deafness - supporting character - korean title:
one of the three men's wife is deaf
kirtil 05 Mar, 2015
@bluenvision @zaharisa concerning your deliberations about ataru/savant syndrome and disability.

When I first saw this post I did not mention 1 litre no namida (spinocerebellar ataxia), ataru (savant syndrome), babo (mental), boku no aruku michi (autism), cat street (severe social phobias), daisuki!! (mental), dareka ga watashi ni kiss wo shita (amnesia), hikari to tomo ni... jiheishouji wo kakaete (autism), marathon (autism), pure (mental), taiyou no uta (xeroderma pigmentosum), josee to tora to sakanatachi (physical), kuruma isu de boku wa sora wo tobu (physical), beautiful life: futari de ita hibi (physical), door to door: boku wa nousei mahi no top salesman(cerebral palsy) because I thought your post was not about all disabilities but specifically about blindness deafness and muteness.

But from your last post to reply Zaharisa if I understand correctly you did not add ataru because you thought it was a disease not a disability.

If that is so then I think it should be added. This seems like a gray area but it's not really. English has different words that describe the similar situations with nuances. Disabled, handicapped, crippled etc are words that describe similar but different/nuanced situations that limit or restrict a persons capacity to work or participate in normal life.

Disability: (from Wikipedia) is the consequence of an impairment that may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental, or some combination of these. A disability may be present from birth, or occur during a person's lifetime.

Blindness, deafness and muteness are all disabilities, specifically they are physical/sensory disabilities. This leaves out a whole lot of disorders accepted to be disabilities.

Autism, alzheimer's, huntington's, down syndrome, Asberger, are all disabilities and when I did a quick scan of wiki page and some links I saw that even anorexia, narcolepsy, diabetes, asthma are described as invisible disabilities.

And while re-checking my list I saw Bad Family which features a supporting (but vital. kind of the focus of the story) character that does not speak. Seeing you put bara no nai hanaya in I think this qualifies for muteness also.
noodlemouth 15 Jan, 2019
The lead female character dubs over films for the blind. The lead male character is an almost blind photographer.
kirtil 22 Jan, 2019
@bluenvision dugaeui bit: relumino