Titles Related To Disability (Animation)

bluenvision 30 Dec, 2012
This topic will mainly include animation titles which have connections to disabilities such as deafness and blindness.

Blindness _______________________________________

Female Lead

shi xian zhi wai 2010 web

Male Lead

h2o 2008 TV series nitabou 2004 film shigurui 2007 TV series

Supporting Character(s)

Tousen Kaname   bleach 2004 TV series Nunnally Lamperouge   code geass 2006 TV series Yin   darker than black 2007 TV series Otowa Madoka   Kakei Juubei   getbackers 2012 TV series kyoukai senjou no horaizon 2011 TV series Uonuma Usui   rurouni kenshin 1996 TV series Sara   samurai champloo 2004 TV series Akira   samurai deeper kyou 2002 TV series Rezo The Red Priest   slayers 1995 TV series Rena Rune   sousei no akuerion 2007 OVA Yuzuha   utawarerumono 2006 TV series Yomi   yuu yuu hakusho 1992 TV series

Muteness _______________________________________

Female Lead

Chane Laforet   baccano 2007 TV series

Supporting Character(s)

shion no ou 2007 TV series

Blindness - Deafness - Muteness _______________

Supporting Character(s)

Hinoto   x 2001 TV series
zaharisa 30 Dec, 2012
@bluenvision Did something happened? Can't really see a topic here ;(
bluenvision 30 Dec, 2012
@zaharisa I was editing the page. XD I guess you could see some titles now. :D
zaharisa 30 Dec, 2012
@bluenvision That's better. XD
Random chan 31 Dec, 2012
@bluenvision XD just out of interest, who is blind in samurai deeper kyou and in champloo :o. I don't remember.
bluenvision 31 Dec, 2012
@Random chan You could see the names when you hover your mouse on the posters. :D