Body/Mind/Identity Swap Titles

bluenvision 28 Jan, 2013
Body/Mind Swap (Male <=> Female)

bian shen nan nu 2012 film TW CH boku no mahou tsukai 2003 TV series JP boku to kanojo no xxx 2005 web JP Buchou OL 2006 TV series JP houkago 1992 TV series JP konya wa kokoro dake daite 2014 TV series JP papa to musume no nanokakan 2007 TV series JP secret garden 2010 TV series KO secret garden 2011 TV film KO tenkousei 1982 film JP tenkousei 2007 film JP otto no kanojo 2013 TV series JP ullalla bubu 2012 TV series KO yamadakun to nananin no majo 2013 TV series JP miss change 2013 film KO

Body/Mind Swap (Male <=> Male)

big 2012 TV series KO don quixote 2011 TV series JP 2015 TV series JP

Body/Mind Swap (Female <=> Female)

dolawayo sunaessi 2006 TV series KO juet doi seung giu 2008 film HK susanghan geunyeo 2013 film KO the miracle 2016 web KO

Body/Mind Swap (Man <=> Dog)

dog star 2002 film JP yuen mei ching yan 2001 film HK 

Identity Swap

ling yi zhong can lan sheng huo 2012 TV series CH sirius 2013 TV series KO yuryeong 2012 TV series KO w no higeki 2012 TV series JP gogyocheosewang 2014 TV series KO naneun wangirosoida 2012 film KO mei ren long tang 2013 TV series TW gwanghae chonggakne yachaegage 2011 TV series KO andou lloyd jin yu liang yuan 2014 TV series CN chaosao salatan 2014 TV series TH nobunaga concerto 2014 TV series JP  gamyeon 2015 TV series KO baeknyeonui sinbu 2014 TV series KO ai qing chuang jin men 2012 TV series TW CH watda who are you
Other Types Of Identity Swap

14 getsu 2003 TV series JP i love lee tae ri 2012 TV series KO mister back 2014 TV series KO  

Voice Impersonation
super haep saep sabat 2008 film TH 

Spirit Possessing The Body Of His Reincarnation
samurai high school 2009 TV series JP 

Spirit Possessing The Body Of A Living Person
49 2013 TV series JP 49 il 2011 TV series KO himitsu 2010 TV series JP koisuru naporitan 2010 film JP nuguseyo 2008 TV series KO wagahai wa shufu de aru 2006 TV series JP wontagui cheonsa 2006 film KO o naui gwisinnim 2015 TV series KO

Face Swap
face maker 2010 TV series JP 

To Be Checked Later

Identity Swap

Other Types of Identity Swap
Character A's early childhood memories are replaced with those of Character B
Strange character can appear as anything he wants and sometimes as other characters in the drama

These ones might be a stretch for this list:
Nationality swap
Emotional swap where girl thinks she has a brain tumor but her teacher/boyfriend is actually the one. He goes along with it and watches her experience the pain rather than doing it himself. I think this is remake of Secret Garden collaborative (?), he's not listed but main guy is japanese
kitsun I didn't watch it but it's about two twin sisters, and one dies in an accident? and it's a mystery plot aka which one is back or something

by artesia

artesia 28 Jan, 2013
@bluenvision very nice it too!!!.....could i give you another new title?..MALE TO MALE....(another brilliant life-chinese drama)

bluenvision 28 Jan, 2013
@artesia Thanks. :D I added it to the list. *_*
artesia 28 Jan, 2013
@bluenvision jmovie MALE TO MALE (eternal first love)...
bluenvision 29 Jan, 2013
@artesia Added. :D
akiraka 01 Mar, 2013
I watched one of these types of shows today. It's called "BuchouOL"「部長OL」and first aired as part of the Yonikimo 2006 fall special. In fact they just rebroadcasted it the other day on Feb. 25 as part of the so called 傑作選 selection. Shaku Yumiko and Ibu Masatou were the two who swapped bodies.
bluenvision 01 Mar, 2013
@akiraka Thanks for the recommendation. ^^ I added it to the list. :D
d0npian0 31 Jan, 2014
How about face maker? It's not always really a complete swap but people who take on other people's identity. Many of the old faces are reused (if I remember correctly) in other episodes

Edit: are you still updating btw? This had both male/female and male/male body swaps: