Shinohara Ryouko To Star In New Love-Comedy Drama Series

akiraka 01 Mar, 2013
It's been announced that actress Shinohara Ryouko will appear in a Fuji Television drama series for the first time in about seven years. She will star as the main character in a new love comedy scheduled for the spring season. Supporting cast will include Miura Haruma, Ootsuka Nene, Nanao, Iijima Naoko, and Fujiki Naohito.

In the as yet untitled production, Shinohara plays the part of Tooyama Sakura, a stylist and assistant manager of a beauty salon. Fearful of falling in love, her life has come to a standstill. It's not that she wishes to get married at all costs, but the 39 year-old single woman is not happy with the idea of spending the rest of her life by herself. One day Sakura, who in distancing herself from romance hasn't had sex in more than ten years, notices that she appears to be growing whiskers. Her hormone balance in a ruinous state, Sakura recognizes that she is developing masculine traits and so becomes determined to recover her love life.

Broadcast time is slated for 22:00 on Thursdays, beginning in April. Below is a summary of the core characters appearing:


Tooyama Sakura (39) (Shinohara Ryouko)
A stylist and assistant manager at the beauty salon "HAPPY-GO-LUCKY". Though her job involves making others beautiful, she herself is indifferent towards fashion, and what's more, possesses no sex appeal. Then one day, when she looks in the mirror, she's shocked to discover whiskers on her jaw! She's sentimental but possesses a single-minded personality and likes things expressed with black and white clarity. Though she longs for romance, she is fearful of falling in love and therefore her life has come to a standstill. A single woman who doesn't wish to remain as such the rest of her life, but nevertheless will not marry at any cost.

Saeki Hiroto (24) (Miura Haruma)
A competitive BMX racer. He began riding BMX back in middle school turning pro at age twenty, but since then, his performance results have been lackluster and his income unstable. He happened to meet Sakura at a party and is gradually becoming attracted to her.

Tachibana Rintarou (39) (Fujiki Naohito)
The new manager at "HAPPY-GO-LUCKY". A seemingly cool and handsome man, but substance-wise is actually a foul mouthed individual fond of dirty talk. He exceedingly loves both alcohol and scissors with his dream being to open a bar and haircut salon where one can cut hair while drinking. Regarding romance, he seems to have a past he cannot talk to people about.

Takeuchi Miki (42) (Ootsuka Nene)
A housewife with two children and close friend of Sakura. Currently what troubles her is her relationship with her mother-in-law and her sexless marriage.

Hasegawa Shima (44) (Iijima Naoko)
A sports gym instructor and close friend of Sakura. Visibly sensual, she is constantly spreading her pheromones. Sometimes she finds herself wanting to have impulsive sex, but even if she does it, she only feels empty and her heart remains unsatisfied. A divorced woman whose previous husband left her because of her infertility.

Oogami Chiyoko (23) (Nanao)
A regular customer at "HAPPY-GO-LUCKY". The daughter of a landowner who helps with domestic duties. She always moves about in a luxury car driven by a chauffeur. Due to a certain complex she possesses, she has no confidence in herself and is a coward concerning romance. For many years she's been in love with Rintarou, though it has been unrequited.

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akiraka 02 Mar, 2013

The drama has now been given a title.
It will be called "Last Cinderella."

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