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A mother travels back in time, 14 days before her daughter is kidnapped and murdered, with the hope to save her child.

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mjkaori17 24 Apr, 2014
In this drama everything was brilliant ♥♥♥
namisuju 24 Apr, 2014
i have nothing to say....just amazing!!!!!!
dramahloic 25 Apr, 2014
This drama was too messy and a lot of nonsense and horrible acting from the main actress, nonetheless I enjoyed it thanks to Jo Seung Woo's performance lol
and ONE BIG WTF at the end!
Note to self : never ever watch any drama written by this writer
infidence 28 Apr, 2014
After watching the scene in episode 2 where the guy is beating up the mom in the train station and no one helped reminded me of all the horrible videos from China and I started to wonder if the mentality is similar in Korea after all...
ukezinho 28 Apr, 2014
isaclivati 29 Apr, 2014
The end: WHAT??? just WHAT?!?
Masterpiece *-* ♥
chuchuchan 29 Apr, 2014
one of the best dramas i've seen so far. great acting, great characters, entertaining till the last second! i suspected it would probably end like this, it was clear someone important had to die :(
irresi 02 May, 2014
This drama was so good. Unpredictable and addicting till the end. I loved Han Saet Byeol - she's so cute ♥