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A mother travels back in time, 14 days before her daughter is kidnapped and murdered, with the hope to save her child.

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aquariia 03 May, 2014
The drama's parody from Gag Concert
koriya 03 May, 2014
It was simply freakin' amazing drama. Got interested in even for the very last minute of it. Big + for great acting and OST. And for sure - 16 episodes were just enough to complete the story.
Highly recommended! :D
fotoh 11 May, 2014
yokochan 11 May, 2014
Yeong Gyu´s Character in this Drama is awesome <3 This Drama is awesome <3 *__________* & Jenny is also very Cool.
OMG and No Min U <3 =D Yeeeah ! in every drama he is . . . wuhuuu =p hot xD
svarzina 16 May, 2014
unbelievable, freaky, meh final for such a great action.
yokochan 17 May, 2014
i can´t get it o.O i mean the ending

i don´t understand it. iam not stupid xD really ! but after i´ve finished it, iam still thinking about the ending every night - nooo waaay ! that´s really something i don´t understand -.-
the last 5 minutes of the drama - the most sh*t ever =´/ i know sooo many perfect dramas with such an "oh no" ending, like iris *-* 49 days *-* bad guy *-* . . . . . but in these dramas i understand the ending . . .
now, i don´t understand it all xO
Dear Screenwriter, if you ever ever will read this comment of mine, iam sorry but i don´t like the ending,
even if i love this Drama ! ^.^ =p
vaniahs 21 May, 2014
Almost want to give this drama a 5, but this was one hell of a confusing drama.
infinity 26 May, 2014
iiam Speechless...There were Feeliinqs that ii diidn´t know before...confusiinq :´(
do you know: You tell me that ii´ve spent 8 weeks to watch thiis drama & you giive me cliiffhanger as the endiinq...?* ii loved iit .x333.