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A mother travels back in time, 14 days before her daughter is kidnapped and murdered, with the hope to save her child.

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jangminhae 18 Jun, 2014
great acting, great plot, great everything, but WHY THIS ENDING???????
it could have been better, still the whole series was awesome!...
Mastepiece: 5/5

@invincible is 4.23/5 low rating for you?
invincible 19 Jun, 2014
@jangminhae I'm not tlking about this rating but about ratings in Korea it was only 9-11%
aquariia 19 Jun, 2014
I believe it's because Empress Ki had been broadcast at the same time. When the first episode of God's Gift was airing Empress Ki reached 26-32%.
invincible 19 Jun, 2014
Oh I didin't know thanks for information :)
invincible 22 Jun, 2014
This was great drama but the ending
I 'm not sure if he died because when his borther was released there were 3 people standing and waiting for Dong Ho.
And Saet was drawing in wall and then she was near lake it was also weird

I think i'm really confused right now
alexadm81 16 Aug, 2014
This was one of the best dramas I've ever seen. It was awesome from the first to the last second, I liked it more than they didn't have any previews so it made you even more curious what will happen next. The ending of each episode was mind blowing!!!

Impressed by the acting, it was one of a kind!

The plot was the best, it was like a puzzle and with each episode passing by, more pieces were arranged!

@invincible I guess it was like some other person said it and it makes perfect sense.
It was Woo Jin waiting for them because Dong Chan told him to take care of Dong Ho and Young Gyu.

Straight to my favourites because it was one perfect drama. Looking forward to the special!
invincible 17 Aug, 2014
But doesn't he die ????
alexadm81 17 Aug, 2014
I remember he was in the hospital being badly injured, I thought he survived. Or maybe I remember wrong :D