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A mother travels back in time, 14 days before her daughter is kidnapped and murdered, with the hope to save her child.

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aprile 31 Aug, 2016
It was an exciting piece, I really enjoyed it... but the end wasn't a good one.
frannam 12 Mar, 2017
This is a masterpiece. I loved it so much! <3
powerpuff 29 Jun, 2017
It was good only in the beginning before they went back in time. There's no logic behind anything after that. The characters are so inconsistent and the villains are like supernatural pro fighters that just won't die. It got tiring very fast for me.
xdsmile 11 Oct, 2018
So disappointed!! I was expecting something waaaay better after checking out the plot and the ratings :O
they storyline is shallow and isn't connected properly, the reasons behind their actions aren't logic either!!
acting was good though

dropped at ep6.. bad...