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A mother travels back in time, 14 days before her daughter is kidnapped and murdered, with the hope to save her child.

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leylachan 03 Apr, 2014
so confusing..
milisia 03 Apr, 2014
that's what I fear most: Kim Su save all the previous victims, gonna put behind bars all possible, or at least where it will lead tropes, the perpetrators, but it still will not save her daughter :/
If someone from the government pulls the strings, the possibilities are endless and somewhere in the spirit I am afraid of one (though I doubt that the creators were so cruel) that these 14 days will not change anything and Saet still will die. However, in the final creators show us the Kim Su transformation , she will be a hard piece and that all these experiences made ​​her change?

Of course, I dream of a happy ending, on the other hand: the whole thing has so many dangerous topics, links, routes, so much in it's environment is lies: it's also possible that Kim Su will never know the truth about previous offender, and if Saeta die again: also did not know her killer? :/
aquariia 03 Apr, 2014
"it's also possible that Kim Su will never know the truth about previous offender, and if Saeta die again: also did not know her killer? :/"

That would be the worse ending ever.

I think Seat Byeol will live in the end. The writers won't be that cruel to kill a child. Besides it's drama about saving her. I don't expect pure happy ending though. Su Hyeon learn something shocking or someone else die. She'll lose something.
milisia 03 Apr, 2014

Well, you never know :/ Somehow i watch many drama with a similar plot, and it never ended well :/ but i hope that your predictions come true!
Anyway about someone else death: honestly, i will be ...maybe not happy but satisfied, if the "great daddy" be a victim. He's cheating all the time and he's cruel in many way for his family, even if he try to pose to be a perfect father and husband. He should pay somehow for his crimes.
I'm just hoping that Gi Dong will be safe....i want a happy ending beetwen him and Kim Su, but in other hand, he can be the price: even grandpa, say something like that, isn't he ?

Or something should crush Kim Nam and Hyeon U: they both, should protect people, but they use them only, for their own purpose, and to manipulate other...damn you :/
milisia 07 Apr, 2014

Ok, so Mina go mad after the loss of a child. But I doubt that she was the killer for the "first time". Manage her emotions, that kidnapper acted "cool". Damn, I felt that Kim Su will put in some serious trouble. It was going too well, as I wrote earlier.
Speed dialing <3 Gosh, this guy in cap is everywhere ;/ and she didin't saw his face in rear view mirror, even reflections lol ?

Bite was a clever, she can recognize him by teeth mark now :P But this comment about Twilight: i'm just dead XD Hyoen U- again he clean all evidence...son of a .....arghhh :/ anyway, Daddy of the year: still thinking about himslef in the first place...and HU again make some's just make me sick
The only one, who's helping Kim Su is Gi Dong: why ? what are you hiding, daddy and the HUJ?

About the scene at the rooftop: oh gosh, so Hyeon just want save his ass? bastard.
Mental Hospital? Noeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
Whole stuff with the clothes: arghhhh why the father always interjects where you do not need? seriously he wants to make his wife crazy and separated from her daughter? but why? jesus ...

AND NOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ ;_; damn it, everything is a waste now somehow ;/ because of the stupid people.....

hephzibah 08 Apr, 2014
I have only one thing to say about episode 11:
Oh, shit...
milisia 09 Apr, 2014
@hephzibah +1


Gosh, this father....just kill him please ! he took kid, but in the same time he's gets rid of her when it suits him ... what a two-faced sneak. And what was that ? nanny was helping the cap guy? O_o
Gosh 2: so we know that's not that..his face...ok, he's not faking it...about the Hyeon, he was at the studio at that time, and we know that earlier. Anyway...still, both of them make some stupid mistakes, and i think they somehow are guilty of the fact that Saet is in such a situation.

And the roles are reversed, now the daddy pick the phone. Anyway, as i commented somehow eariler: Saet died, that was a "must be" in this plot :/ so now we have two option, and i will back to it again: or Kim Su will find the murder in this timeline, and put him in the jail or she will never know, who did that.
Also the third option: we will back to the past, and know first killer, and then we again see killer in the future.

But about the episode:
now I'm thinking, if they discovered that Saet was kept in the shed: the first thing I would do, it burned her (the shed of course :P), genuinely's so simple.
okk, she wasn't something changed....

Also i'm confused, maybe we have two killer ? Kim Su rightly pointed out that the earlier response of Saet was different ...and again Snake...i was telling, we will back to him soon. Teo know something, for sure. About his brother, of course. Damn, Teo is some kind of junkie? But i'm glad that he helped, he have somehow pure heart. Anyway the cardriver was such a dumbass: leaving a little child, just to hide his client? i get it but...arghhh

About the broadcast: again goog point. So maybe Saet was dead, when the "killer" called ? but from where he took a record? Anyway about the taxidriver: gosh, he can take her to the home and ask parents to pay the bill, and not leave child alone :/ so stupid guy again....arghhhhh
also he should asked her, about money at first, and then decide if he want drive her

This drunk photographer also could have save Saet and help here stay there. And then she can call home/mother. Ok, i back this up, she goes somewhere again....gosh, this kid....
Nooo Young Gu, why;____________; but i'm also proud of him: he was trying his best: also, the bad guy have a mark on his hand, now on his leg...he's marked !

So we back to grandpa, and ok we know who his son is. Damn, why Gi Dong don't know him? They never meet? And the scene in mental hospital: arghhh ;/ i'm so scared now...

stellybish 09 Apr, 2014
Is it wrong to love how messed up this drama is??
Everybody against everybody! It's driving me crazy!
So many secrets! & in each episode they add more and more ;w;
I'm starting to think the grandpa didn't really die just like that but he was killed.
Nothing just comes so easy in this drama xD

Younggyu baby, let me give you a hug! <3