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A mother travels back in time, 14 days before her daughter is kidnapped and murdered, with the hope to save her child.

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aquariia 10 Apr, 2014
We didn't actually see Seat Byeol being captured by the guy right?
serendipity 10 Apr, 2014
When Yeong Gyu was trying to protect Saet Byul I just turned into a ball of fluff :3
milisia 10 Apr, 2014

yeah, we didn't also some parts of the whole story changed a little, so maybe it's some other guy than before? duh
leylachan 12 Apr, 2014
This drama is driving me crazy.
With every episode I feel like we're getting closer to discovering the truth but at the same time there's a bunch of new mysteries and secrets! Well done! Thriller effect achieved!
There's not even a preview to give you a glimpse of what's gonna happen next.
milisia 14 Apr, 2014

Ajumma was the best in this hospital room. Anyway, this crazy guy what quite cute: he wanted to have some fun in, connect the dots XD He helped a lot, also cleaning her shoes: smart ! i love him, lol.
Maybe he was having only some trauma, about what he saw, and that was the reason, why he ended in mental hospital?

Anyway, why DC came out from the should just drive or smth :/ or he just want to beat up again ;P
such a masochist. Anyway about drawing: gosh, so complicated. I just don't know: maybe for real somebody else also saw the death of DC girlfriend? or they both saw that, and that's the reason, why Gi Dong copied is so good and the culprit is someon else?

Ok father of the year made something...quite good. Admittedly, I still do not like, how he shoving his wife, but he was right in on: Kim Su will go to jail as accused or impeding the investigation, if she will be still like that. Anyway, oh gosh, i'm so happy that it wasn't Dong brother...but still...arghh...
Who wanted death of his girlfriend and Saet ? it don't make sens.......sigh...but now we know why Gi Dong Ho, pleaded guilty, he wanted to save his brother.

Story with Cha Bong: ok, it's the solved part. Cap guy again, argh. And the car, with the emblem of this foundation. And Hyon U again, so he's calling the kidnapper? and he's the spy, isn't he ? we have evidence already. So guy with tattoo was at the court...he kidnapped Saet, and a policeman helped him on? but why? they are related?

So Woo Jin was one, who killed the guy? arghhh....anyway it's seems that Saet was truly only a veil of smoke, an excuse to get rid of Gi Dong, who has seen too much?
Grandpa, Snake...they all connected, we know that before, and they plotted somethig, but why they give Kim Su tracks? i don't get it, they want to use her somehow, to find the truth of the past or just i don't know...arghhhh

So...president ordered the killing of a few kids, in order to raise their quotes and saying PR push as it fights for the safety of citizens? lol, also that don't make sens.
And the ring. Anyway, somehow i hope that Kim Su will kidnap the presiden grandaughter...maybe then, he will feel and know, how is a terrible loss of a loved one, especially a child ... and I'm curious who threw at her? DC? was in a completely different place, HU? coincidence? arghh

milisia 15 Apr, 2014
And this one, a general remark. After this episode, I have the impression that virtually no one wants to solve the Saet case. Everyone for some reason, uses it for their own purposes, the kidnapping has become a nice pretext for each party to earn something for themselves.
The President has a nice excuse to do a good PR, grandfather and Snake for revenge, our policeman is the hardest soaked, but still do not know why.
So I do not know if we seriously do not wait any bitter end. There are too many conflicting interests here.
nami24 15 Apr, 2014
i hope this drama stays 20 episodes.. i think they will change it to 16.. i saw at some sites its 16... Q.Q
i really enjoy this drama its interesting but sometimes frustrating but really its great :<
i love it soo much q.q
i hope it will really be 20 episodes
alechan 15 Apr, 2014
Amazing thriller!!! =D
"Don't trust in anyone" xD