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A mother travels back in time, 14 days before her daughter is kidnapped and murdered, with the hope to save her child.

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milisia 16 Apr, 2014
@nami24, I don't think they will so drastically shorten the series ... otherwise, we would have only 2 more episodes = next week to explain all the threads, it can not go ;/


Polka dots, saved her Xd lol ahahahah, I can not, I just can not stop laughing: D brilliant yet simple. Well, you can see that once again our policeman pays attention to detail.
Banana make my day Xd

Bastard, yeah great nickname in the phone. Anyway, I have a feeling that daddy also began to panic somewhat ...and something clicked in his empty head.
Hyeon U acted as a pretty silly: even if the offender would spend easily planted by him (and rightly so) of complicity, and probably do not have any evidence?

truth about Kim Su mother: so sad, she shoul told her, when she was older...but maybe that was victim syndrome or something ?
Anyway, I understand that Hyeon probably didn't want things have going so far, on the other hand .... why so long concealed the kidnapper? why only now ... well not confess the truth, but he planted? I would like to better understand his conduct, devotion, because now it seems that it is just late remorse ... as if he wanted to punish himself for what he did ...

Anyway grandma looked suspiciously again, duh. So she meet Saet, and the FATHER KNOW ?! ugh just kill HIM ! Arghhh.... so the bloody shoes are beacause of her bleeding nose. Anyway great, they called in the room, where camera is on and the creepy guy is also....
Anyway it's seems now, that Han Ji was trying to save Gi Dong, but someone wannt him to be guilty ? president? or someone else?

So in the end they must choose who will die ? Oh damn, a week waiting for last episodes...if he have truly 16, or 6 more....

stellybish 18 Apr, 2014
I can't with this drama....
Just when you think things got better it gets more and more complicated xD
I knew it!!!! That guy next to the President was always soo fishy!!!
I hope both Saet Byul & Dong Ho will be saved ;w;
Goosh, poor Dong Chan he felt wronged about so many things TT__TT
Han Ji Hun... can you be more stupid?

I think the drama won't have 20 episodes for sure!
Because Doctor Stranger starts on 5th May and takes this timeslot + all sites say the drama is 16 episodes :/

PS: I hope they will show how Saet Byul died in the second episode, how things were in the first place.
I hope they won't miss that detail if the drama is really ending next week!
milisia 20 Apr, 2014
@stellybish, i also pray that they show how thing were in the first place. By the way, we'll find out what went wrong then and now (possibly). I just hope that these two episodes actually senile. Topics to close : we have it a lot, and I would not want to omit, any of them. I also hope that we get a consistent finish and also showing us what happened the first time.
Without such a comparison, then and now, all this intrigue will be meaninglessness.
milisia 21 Apr, 2014 ok, so it's now clear a little, but i'm curious about the special episode at 28 :> It will be only about some cast/recap or something more ? nobody know?
milisia 21 Apr, 2014

Well, the guy from the president did not look as bad man. He also had a son, so probably that's the reason why he cared about Saet. Again, it came back to the murder of this girl: this was a setup? dude from the president wants to cover it up or seeking revenge?

So Gi Dong Ho, saw someone killing Gi Dong Chan girlfriend. But didn't saw the face, so he take a blame on himself, also thinking that was his brother.
We feel it all, aren't we? Sigh. So sad, so cruel. He shouldn't take blame. He should tell Chan the truth in the first place ;_;

Anyway, oh we can save only one life ;_; it's so heartbreaking, because none of them is at fault at all, just stupid, political games. Anyway looking at kicked by Gi Dong, father of the year, i'm little ...happy. Until now, daddy gave away the card, he was confident and it seemed to him that reigns over all ..
And now, it turns out that it is at the mercy of someone who he for so long pissed and hampered his life.

Plan with stuffed toy: amazing XD anyway, why they don't take some more people with them ? they knew that, he's a president guy, he will come with some other boys as his bodyguard, so....damn, take a team :P take a gun :P a bomb :P whatever !

Poor Dong, but at last, Saet stay still and listened to an adult. Or not :/ it was so annoying: they have chance to save her twice, and always try to cheat....why ;_; they are president people, they know no fear, and still you trying to play with them? i get the dilemma, and idea of saving both lives, but....ugh....

Anyway, everybody here, it seems, want revenge, because of the lost child. So sad. So many mistakes, by so many people. I say somewhere before, it will be complicated. And about the story of the photo: oh gosh, so someone was jealouse, someone was hurt by stupid prank....Gosh...
But still don't get it: she went there, she saw bunch of drunken guys, and....why she was so scared? she never saw something like that?

Well, so now we have connection to the president: he wanted to save his own son.

katissleepy 22 Apr, 2014
Oh come on! I was hoping so bad that they would kill anybody or everybody except for that
wonderful character. Well at least the actor gained a new fan and a longtime fan at that -- me. Really, I watch this show just for that actor and I was about to give up halfway if it wasn't for him. I was interested in him in the first episode but then after episode 2, he completely had me and I just have to do a research on him and watch his dramas and movies. And to think I watched this for Lee Boo Young n the first place...

Conclusion: Lee Boo Young's character became annoying because although I understand her circumstances she just acted like a crazy person all throughout the drama and like a robot only thinking of only one thing, really, which is save the kid and that's it. There wasn't much character depth and she's just a mother who love her child to the point where she's willing to do anything, good or bad (desperation is a perfect recipe for destruction) and that's it. I'm not saying that she should not care about her child but there should be balance on everyone's world and your world shouldn't solely revolve on one thing alone. You can all blame it on the writing. What made this drama work: the actors and the directing.
milisia 23 Apr, 2014

Oh jesus....the way in which all of them was accused: I now understand why they stay silent. So daddy knew, but why he goes to the president guy, and told him, sigh. He should find some evidence or just...leave it.
So the guy in the car was him, also we know why he took jewelry.
Still, his groveling was derogatory. If he had previously thought over what he doing, this wouldn't have happened.

OMFG, so that was the president wife ! omfg...
but i was more heartbroken when i saw father and son...oh gosh i didn't know, that he was the father? oh sad...
So he and Mimi....oh gosh.................

Anyway, i was sad when i saw fight of Saet parents, even the father: ok, he should be kicked. But still, he's also a victim. I'm not sympathizes with him in 100 % but well..
Oh so story in the club...simple repeat.

So the tatoo guy...oh, he saved her this time...i think he just liked her, she was also person, which remind him a good memories with his son. Thank you, i'm somehow wanna thank you, that you change your mind.
Anyway i don't get it: so she run away from that church or whatever? Why Dong Chan found her in the grass? wtf ?

ok and now e know why Gi Dong was throwed to the it all makes sens! so he put Saet in the water also in the first place? WTF? or it was only na drunken illusion ? omg...but why in the first place ?
anyway, why mother didn;t shout that Saet is alive !
Also why did was a choose beetwen Saet and Dong Chan ? argghhhh

So sad

malumoreira 23 Apr, 2014