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A mother travels back in time, 14 days before her daughter is kidnapped and murdered, with the hope to save her child.

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anasparrow 23 Apr, 2014
I LOVED the drama, I really did!! the tension is breathtaking, it's a test for the heart. And the final plot twist, unbelievable... BUT
WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS WRITER?! this end is so fucking cruel!! DC CAN'T DIE!! good guy dies and bad guys live?! c'mon! no one can be so evil to create so many mean characters and in the end kill the most awesome and adorable guy of the serie, our hero, our Knight!! George RR Martin is that you? Is this why you haven't finished The Chronicles of Ice and fire yet, because you're killing nice kdrama characters now?

The writer did a great job but I'm still so mad!! and depressed
nami24 23 Apr, 2014
But if it was 20 eps then the ending wouldnt be this rushed :l why did they make it 16 e.e

what i dont get is why did he have to die :l he could just go back with her? And whats with for one to live the other have to die thingy.. That dosnt make any sense why must it be him?
When it was his brother it was understandable really..
And here i was hoping for her to get divorced and marry dongchan....
bayanoh 23 Apr, 2014
Damn ...

IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE !! He could've just brought her back when he found out she's not dead and that's it! Why did he have to die for her to live! There was absolutely no reason! F*** this! The part where he turned out to be the one that killed her in the past is awesome. They had to ruin it.

But I get it... Maybe they didn't want to let Dong Chan lives to explain what happened in the past. It will be forgiven of course (at least I think) since he really didn't mean to kill her, but it would've been boring if it was a happy ending where Dong Chan and Su Hyeon end up together.

Anyway, farewell Dong Chan. He was and will be one of the best characters ever.
artesia 23 Apr, 2014
at the beginning it was really fascinating genius, but after a while it became a little frustrating in my opinion.
stellybish 23 Apr, 2014
Most messed up drama of all time!!!
How could they do this to me???
Every episode was so exciting & intense! I never thought it would be that good!
That writer.... she played us so damn well, so many times! God...
But why did it have to end that way? Well...
... in the 2nd episode 4 people died! Saet Byul, Dong Ho & let's assume Soohyun & Dong Chan.
So of course there had to be a sacrifice in the end.
At first I thought the saying 'one of the 2 must die' was for Soohyun & Saet Byul, then for Dong Ho and Saet Byul but no... it was Saet Byul and Dong Chan... wow

Aaaahhhh >__< My baby!!! Best character ;w; He was sooo pitful! TT__TT
I can't believe he was the one who killed Saet Byul in the first place!
Those dreams he had, I thought he was seeing Dong Ho killing Soo Jung but it was him killing Saet Byul.
He was her knight! :((( This makes me sooo soo sad!
I'm just... no words... until the very last moment I didn't know what was gonna happen...
I would've never thought the wife of the president or his son will be at the bottom of everything.
Everything was so complicated yet somehow simple...

But I'm sad they didn't show what happened with Saet Byul's father because he wasn' there in the last minutes and he was beat up pretty badly by Myung Han's people...
Also, U Jin??? Did he live???
Even though there were 3 people waiting for Dong Ho when he came out of prison.
His mum, Yong Gyu & maybe the 3rd person was U Jin...

This is one of the very few dramas where it doesn't feel wrong that everything and everybody is connected.
The ending was a bit rushed but at least they showed what I was most intrested in.
Amazing work by the mains, specially Sung Woo! I have nothing more to say! I will miss this drama a lot.

The drama was originally 16 episodes. They never changed the number.
But a Special episode will be aired on 28th April.
aquariia 23 Apr, 2014
I would never guess Dong Chan end up being the murderer. But yeah he didn't have to die. On the other hand though I didn't want to see perfect happy ending.

Overally the drama is awesome. Exciting, never boring, full of twists. The acting was great.
089110 23 Apr, 2014
I can't believe this drama is already over. This has been the only drama I have been keeping up with because it was the most interesting and now, it's over.

The writer is so cruel! She gave us an ending that is unclear and really messed with my feelings. I'm assuming Ki Dong Chan - one of the best drama characters ever - did die, but then it's not exactly clear. With Saetbyul asking if the knight survived and not showing who exactly was there to pick up Dong Chan's brother when he was released, we don't know for sure. It doesn't make sense why he needs to die either. The writer left so many things unexplained, but then it doesn't exactly spoil the entire drama for me.

One thing I like about this drama is that it wasn't necessary to have a love line. Sure, I thought Soohyun and Dongchan were cute together, but I understand it wasn't love they have for each other. It was an understanding that grew between them, a wonderful friendship. I like that the writer put the focus in saving Saetbyul rather than forcing a love line when all of this is occurring in fourteen days only. Anyway, this drama was intense and exciting. While it isn't flawless, it is still one of the best I have watched. Lee Bo Young did an exceptional job. She convinced me she was a mother who would do anything to save her daughter. I am now a fan of Jo Seung Woo and look forward to his future works. ^^
meakoo 23 Apr, 2014
Omg I don't know what to say!!! Ahh I couldn't stop watching, I started it yesterday and I finished it now. Holly sh* t this drama was so intense and exciting. So freakin amazing. Good job to the writers and the cast. Really one of my fav this year.

I loved the ending, like what other people said if they end up together it will be boring, it just took a whole another level when dong chan dies. So unpredictable it was really insane how he killed her in the first place so sad yet so good, and I would like to see the one who killed dongchan's first love suffer in Prison he really pissed me off aaahh too bad I didn't see that

I'm gonna miss team finding-saet-byeol :( <3