Titles Based On Non-Asian Titles

bluenvision 01 Mar, 2013
@dutchviola Yay! New titles! Added them to the list. :D

I don't want to include anime to this list for the time being as there aren't many anime titles for this section. *.*
zaharisa 02 Mar, 2013
How about non asian books? -> Shoukoujo Seira

It's based onto a book, but I believe there was also an europian movie.
bluenvision 05 Apr, 2013
@zaharisa I add the stuff that are based on the movie or tv series. For that reason, Shoukoujo Seira can't make it to the list. T_T
r0lan 06 Apr, 2013
Don't think it'll hurt to list anime as well tbh since MDL now has animation within its database ^^

Well, if you decide to put it in, there is an anime version to:
X-Men (America > Japan)
Ironman (America > Japan)
Wolverine (America > Japan)
Blade (America > Japan)
hahaha yeah death to Marvel fans aye lollllz :)

Oh and would a [Mulan] be one of them ?
Based from Disney, however im sure most people know that both content originated from the same Chinese legend... so... yeahhh /haha/
dutchviola 09 May, 2013
@bluenvision point blank remake of À bout portant
bluenvision 09 May, 2013
@dutchviola Added. Thanks. :D
inuwashi 02 May, 2014
Movie: United States > Korea == True Lies (1994) - Spy (2013)
Movie: United States > Hong Kong == Assassins (1995) - Fulltime Killer (2001)

The second one is funny because wikipedia says the HK version is based on a chinese novel. So maybe the novel is then based on the USA movie :)
Anyway the plot/story and characters are very-very-very-(n+1 very) similar in both movies. I know this because I saw the USA version at least 100 times :)
bluenvision 02 May, 2014
@inuwashi Thanks. :D Added them to the list.

Haha That happens. XD No one knows where the origin comes from and they keep giving different sources. XD