Titles Based On Non-Asian Titles

dutchviola 24 Dec, 2015
bluenvision 10 Jan, 2016
@dutchviola Thank you. :D Sorry for adding them so late. T_T

I need confirmation for this one. :O

Thanks to you, I found a good German series. XD :D
dutchviola 14 Feb, 2016
bluenvision 12 Jan, 2018
@dutchviola Added. I guess I gotta hide somewhere since you posted it a long time ago. :(
chatel 12 Jan, 2018
@bluenvision Based On TV Series = Adapted to TV series
Image Cold Case
Image The Sniffer
Image Orphan Black

Also, The Last Cop listed as Based On Film = Adapted to Film, but it is also TV.
bluenvision 12 Jan, 2018
@chatel Added. Thanks. :D