a fei jing juen

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In the sixties, Hong Kong, Yuk Jai, raised by his adoptive mother, indolent and charming, goes from arms to arms, only alarmed when someone proposes him to marry. Narcissistic, obsessed by his real mother he wants to know, he quits friends, girlfriends and mother to go to the Philippines looking for his past.

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nanuklein 13 Oct, 2010
I remember this film...but I could only recall after rewatching a few minutes of said film to realise that I already saw it..sometimes my memory is a real failure, I tells ya. anyway, not bad... but nothing special. A simple good shall do.
metaly 15 Jun, 2012
Nothing special, but good, in the end everything happened *a bit* too fast but i liked it, 3/5!
It was my first HK movie, are all those actors so beautiful?
janegreen 10 Jan, 2014
For some reason, this is my favorite WKW movie. I dunno why I always find myself going back to this (and I rarely watch movies more than one, two times) and always feeling like I'm watching it for the first time. It has something that other WKW movies no longer have. Together with As Tears Go By they're my favorites.

Just realized that the release date is also the day I was born. Hey, maybe that's it, maybe I feel some awkward connection thru that day ;D
yamapixluver43735 14 Feb, 2018
It was very boring and hard to follow. At the end I had no idea of anything that had happened or even the point of this movie