What Korean film/drama have you been following recently?

nanuklein 17 Apr, 2010
So, guys, since we've got something similar going on in the Japanese forum, I thought I'd recreate one in the Korean section.

What Korean film, or drama have you been watching recently?

I, for instance, have been getting myself hooked on Hong Gil Dong! Just by watching the first episode I got hooked, and can't wait to see what's going to happen next. (internet be faster! :O )Kang Ji Hwan, with his curly hair, and the way he presents his role, reminds me of one of my fav anime characters: Gintama. Is it just me? XD
And Jang Geun Seok..yum yum. And I also like Sun Yu Ri's character, cute stuff.
So, only after a few hours I'm already on the third episode. >___>

What about you? ;)

PS: don't you just love my cute bunny poster? ;P
Random chan 17 Apr, 2010
omg your cute bunny is awesome!

the last korean thingy I watched, and I admit was really good (well, not really good, but good XD) and is was the awesome movie wangui manja... such a nice cast, I say. They made me have the creep sometimes... I recommend it.

The last kdrama I watched was chuno (ep 2 I think) pretty nice, I'll watch how it's going.
nanuklein 23 Apr, 2010
omg, YAY! My poster got a compliment, guys! *blushes*

so..I finished Hong Gil Dong, and damn.
.the made me so..sad.;-; throughout the whole show I was hoping that it's going to be a happy one.
The protagonist, although not at all handsome, somehow grew onto me. His role made him come off as really cute. O_O

Anyway, I started watching Iljimae...yay..I think I like it already. XD

PS: wangui manja has been added to my to watch list! *noticed already that the protagonist in it is represented by the same actor as in Iljimae* :OOOOO
winter 23 Apr, 2010
I LOVE Iljimae.

Sorry, had to get that out. But I just finished it a while ago and geez was I in love with the main character by the end. Which is weird, because I'm not so much attracted to Lee Jun Ki, but Lee Jun Ki as Yong, phew. I just wanted to dive in the screen and marry him. I need to start on Hong Gil Dong soon.

Right now I've been watching You're Beautiful...very...very slowly. I love it to death and Jang Geun Suk will be my new husband, but I just don't have much time I guess.
Random chan 23 Apr, 2010
@ all of you by order:

omg- lustmord... you spoiled me again;;;;;;;; I CAN'T STOP MYSELF FROM CLICKING IN THINGS!!! (no, I clicked - but I haven't read so you're troublefree XD)
BUT GO WATCH wangui manja - it's really cool XD

Iljimae is nice, XD like I said 38738383 times - I like his father's actor :O and the main is not bad there either - though I watched only 1.5 eps XDDDD.

I've tried watching more You're Beautiful.... X.X bad... really bad... not going to do this anymore.
nanuklein 25 Apr, 2010
I think Jun Ki is an awesome actor, he's got a really sympathetic voice, and he's cute...but maybe too effeminate for my taste.
Anyway, I'm already on the 14th episode of Iljimae, and it's quite awesome. Slow paced at times, but I really like Iljimae's foster dad. I hope the second season will be even better.

And, pfft, you clicked on the spoiler, Random chan? Tsk tsk. :P
Random chan 25 Apr, 2010
no!!! you mustn't tell me to click any spoilers- I'll kill you :O started oh my lady (like 10 minutes I don't even bother remembering it's korean name Xx), died and closed. Why can't korean newdays dramas be good?!
un3xpectedfate 26 Apr, 2010
I haven't watched Oh My Lady yet. I need to!! I was watching Prosecutor Princess, but stopped after 2 episodes. To be honest, the girl annoys me a bit. I will continue it soon though. I'm currently watching Coffee Prince. I can't believe I hadn't seen this one before. It's so good!! I wish my internet would be faster. I probably would have finished by now. >.>