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Watsuji Mako and Kurasawa Satsuki look identical, however each of them lives a complete different life, Mako is a polite and well-educated girl from a very rich family who owns everything, however is not happy with her current life. And Satsuki is a rude, poor girl who lives alone in an old apartment, works in a part-time job in cabaret club and is not interested in anything except money. Due to unexpected circumstances they meet each other and decide to exchange each other's lives.

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enashen 15 Jun, 2012
hidde 15 Jun, 2012
Interesting indeed.

edit: wow, once start I can't stop watching, the story is strong and keep surprising me with its twists. Acting was pretty good. Same with everyone, I'm curious how it'll end.
mizuxmizu 18 Jun, 2012
I started watching this drama yesterday and i'm completely impressed.
It's getting really interesting ;)
mizuxmizu 20 Jun, 2012
God, I wasn't expecting that ending in that way....
This drama is a masterpiece.
All actors did a great job, it's a rare thing... *-*
hidde 25 Jun, 2012
Hmm... the ending wasn't the best episode, but since I enjoyed the whole drama, I think this was pretty good.
leslie 25 Jun, 2012
Love the drama, but the ending was not what I was hoping for, but they actor did a good job.
rikatokato 28 Sep, 2012
very nice drama .. <3
beautifur 04 Oct, 2012
This was brilliant.