Preview Of 2013 "Yonikimo" Spring Special

akiraka 11 May, 2013

On Saturday, May 11, the annual spring special for "Yonimo Kimyou Na Monogatari" (Tales Of The Extremely Bizarre) will air on Fuji Television. The following is a summary of the five stories that will make up the broadcast. Sequence may vary upon airing.


1. Noroi-web
English: Curse-web
Starring: Sasaki Nozomi
Supporting: Tanaka Koutarou
Introduction: Yoshida Misaki is an office worker who is constantly being scolded by her boss. She's always being humiliated in front of co-workers and criticized as not being able to do her work. As well she's secretly been having an in-company romance with salesman Yamashita Tooru, but lately for some reason his manner has become cold. Both work and romance just aren't going well for Misaki. One evening as she's deleting spam mail from her computer one by one, she notices an e-mail with a strange title. The sender reads "noroi-web" and in the title is written "To those struggling with a miserable boss... we will place a curse for you." Misaki just can't resist clicking the link......

2. Sekiyu Ga Deta
English: It's Oil
Starring: Maruyama Ryuuhei
Supporting: Arimura Kasumi
Introduction: It's a global economic depression. As the unemployed Yumoto Yoshihiro returns home after visiting the government employment agency "Hello Work," he feels the urge to urinate. He rushes to a washroom but unfortunately it has been deemed "prohibited for use." Flustered, he goes on a nearby bonfire but as he does the flames roar up violently. Feeling there is something abnormal about his urine, Yumoto goes to have it checked out at a hospital.....

3. AIR Doctor
Starring: Oguri Shun
Supporting: Aijima Kazuyuki, Hara Mikie
Introduction: Kirihara Tooru is on a plane bound for Hawaii when a cabin attendant calls out "Is there a doctor amongst the passengers?" One of the passengers is in distress holding his chest. Kirihara quickly stands up telling the attendent "I'm a doctor." Examining the suffering passenger, Kirihara determines he has a slight irregular pulse and is successful in calming down the person. Everyone present is impressed. However, in actuality, Kirihara is not a real doctor. Meanwhile the passenger he had just examined again goes into distress. Emergency surgery is required......

4. Fujimi No Otto
English: The Unkillable Husband
Starring: Dan Rei
Supporting: Omi Toshinori
Introduction: Soon to be reaching their tenth anniversary, married life between Fukushima Mie and her husband Keisuke has turned sour. One evening Mie murders him by striking him with a wrench and disguising the act as that of a robber. Afterward, while having a meal with some fellow housewives, she pretends to receive a phone call from her husband and, fully believing she has the perfect alibi, returns home. However, upon entering her living room she finds that Keisuke's corpse, which ought to have been there, has disappeared. When the bewildered Mie turns around, Keisuke is standing there as if nothing had happened. He apparently has no memory of the attempted murder. "To be hit like that and not die, he's one stubborn man," Mie thinks to herself. Again she carries out Keisuke's murder but no matter how many times she kills him, he always comes back to life, and now she is gradually becoming fearful of him......

5. Kaidan No Hanako
English: Hanako Of The Staircase
Starring: Tokui Yoshimi
Supporting: Oomasa Aya
Introduction: Elementary school teacher Aikawa Hideki is taking care of the staff room during the day throughout the summer holidays. There he receives a telephone call from Kotani Chisako, a university student who had been doing her teaching practicum there till two months prior. She had forgotten something upon completing the practicum and said she wanted to come to the school to pick it up. Shortly thereafter, Chisako comes directly to the staff room. Aikawa, who thought he had locked the front gate, becomes worried that there may be an intruder on the school premises allowing Chisako to get that far on her own. The two of them decide to go around and check. While looking about the school grounds, they begin to talk about "Hanako Of The Staircase," a tale which had circulated about the school.....

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