Seo In Guk Joins The Cast Of The Master's Sun

sara 04 Jun, 2013

Seo in Guk has been cast in Hong sister's new horror rom-com drama "The Master's Sun" alongside with So Ji Seop and Gong Hyo Jin.
Seo In Guk will take the role of Gang U, the head of So Ji Seop's shopping mall security department and who was previously part of the Zaytun Division during the Iraq War. Seo In Guk commented: "I'm thankful that I was given the apportunity to work with director Jin Hyuk and the Hong Sisters. I am also honored to work with So Ji Seop and Gong Hyo Jin. As much as this is a golden opportunity, I will work hard to make this project shine."
The Master's Sun will premiere in August.


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draconia 12 Jun, 2013
Awww, this is a great opportunity indeed.
The main cast is <3.
mikazuki 16 Jun, 2013
So Ji-sub and Seo In-guk oAo holy cow
i need to watch this