gei ai li si de qi ji

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He Ting Yu is a famous violinist, while Chen Hai Jie wants to be a world class violinist. Lan Die Fei, who has a ear for music, works for He Ting Yu, and a mysterious girl named Alice searches for who she is.

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stellybish 09 Jul, 2012
It looks amazing and I like the actors but.. it's Tai.. so I won't be watching it T__T
yokochan 03 Aug, 2012
20 Episodes now ? OMG iam feeling that this are too much Ep´s. =´( . . .
bishojo 01 Sep, 2012
I really like this drama ^^
Yan Ya Lun is an amazing actor and I enjoy every episode of this drama <3
litaap 09 Jul, 2013
I really loved this drama ! For me, it was an interesting story since the beginning and the end was great so i really enjoyed it ! :D I fell in love with Aaron Yan (Yan Ya Lun) in this drama <3
ralphina 24 Jul, 2013
Drama involving classical music? - and I'm sold!
9miho 14 Aug, 2013
Looks interesting, I'll give it a go.
vanityfull 06 Mar, 2018
I was pleasantly surprised by Ya Lun`s acting in this drama. I think it`s his best work to date.