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In 1960s Korea, a sickly girl called Sun I discovers a feral boy has been living in the barn of her family's new country house. Her mother, believing him to be an orphan of war, welcomes him into their home, and they call him Cheol Su. The boy proves to be extremely loyal to Sun I, who in turn gradually succeeds at teaching him to act more human than animal. Soon after they begin to recognize the depth of their attachment to one another, the actions of a jealous suitor and a few fearful villagers threaten to separate them forever, and Sun I must do what she can to protect Cheol Su when the true extent of his inner beast comes to light.

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ichyuuki 27 Aug, 2013
Ouch! My heart!
ayamahigari 06 Sep, 2013
first I was like O.O amazing, I love this movie, and then that old lady came up
and she was the young one and I was like WTF, she never came back? She left him, and didn't even think about him all that time? And then what? They called her and she just get into his bed? Madness. I'm really dissapointed of that ending... She could just take him home, but no! For what? She left him alone again.
Snowman at the very end was perfect! This one scene was everything that I wanted, just situation before was a little bit strange for me. I can't sleep now. Why did she left him there!!!

It's very good movie though. Song Jung Gi is marvelous. I was able to feel all the emotions. Looking into his eyes is like reading a book about his soul. Really touch my heart.
berrytm 12 Sep, 2013

Ok first of all, I watched this on a plane (a 'public place')
seriously it was so hard holding back my tears I JUST COULDNT. I ended up tearing up so much but i swear i would've cried SO HARD if i was watching it by myself. ugh ok the thought of it makes me want to cry
cannot with the OST either :'(

Anyway, I reckon it was great. Loved it a lot :)
lucyheartfilia 12 Sep, 2013
nyora 15 Sep, 2013
Uuuuh, I still feel like crying... It was such a great movie. I'm this kind of person that hardly cry but this... Song Jung Gi, you are really great actor, honestly. Like @ayamahigari said, you can feel all that emotions that Cheol Su supposed to feel, he acted this amazing. Such a masterpiece.
Uuugh, that "Kajima" part TT__TT
koriya 29 Sep, 2013
amazing! just very good movie & very touching ;-;
dilasse 07 Oct, 2013
Jung Gi.... he is so great there!!! he have only few replicas... but HOW gret his acting!!!!! gez, i'm just going crazy!
niniel 10 Oct, 2013
It was amazing to watch. It was filled with so much deep emotions... everything was so touching. He's acting realy was AMAZING, the way he expresses his emotions, how carefull he became... I loved it!