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In 1960s Korea, a sickly girl called Sun I discovers a feral boy has been living in the barn of her family's new country house. Her mother, believing him to be an orphan of war, welcomes him into their home, and they call him Cheol Su. The boy proves to be extremely loyal to Sun I, who in turn gradually succeeds at teaching him to act more human than animal. Soon after they begin to recognize the depth of their attachment to one another, the actions of a jealous suitor and a few fearful villagers threaten to separate them forever, and Sun I must do what she can to protect Cheol Su when the true extent of his inner beast comes to light.

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unknown 20 Aug, 2014
i dont really get the plot. but the acting was just....awesome <3

i don't really watch korean movies since i don't like it how they make the story so short. i am more into kdramas BUT ! since Joong Gi is since nice guy and sungkyunkwan scandal one of my favorite actors i just HAD to watch this movie...and i dont regret it one bit. i REALLY liked the acting. she and he were so ... perfect ...his could read everything in it and it was just so ... OMG!

so i REALLY recommend this move!
shinyemin 07 Oct, 2014
yuna 01 Nov, 2014
Maybe a little bit overrated and predictable, but still nice to watch.
kematic 14 Nov, 2014
POOR CHEOL SU! ALONE FOREVER! I'm glad Sun I kept the house...
ataruko 20 Nov, 2014
So cruelly sad >. <

And regarding thefreak's words about a human not being able to produce growling sounds. No way, are u serious? It is possible to produce such sounds. At least the same as he produced, not wolves.
lovelyashley 31 Dec, 2014
I cried at the end... movie worth to watch it !

I don't get why this bitch didn't come back to see him for 47 years ! and he was waiting for her all this time T_T I was a bit suprised that he was still that young but that's cause he is a werewolf. ok, she came after such a long time and she dared to leave him again !? I just don't get it ! she could just stay there with him to her last days.... his look when she was driving back home T~T
lana 08 Jan, 2015
This movie is very good, but the plot is very similar to Edward Scissorhands with Johnny Depp
sillysym 23 Jan, 2015
I cried too much