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In 1960s Korea, a sickly girl called Sun I discovers a feral boy has been living in the barn of her family's new country house. Her mother, believing him to be an orphan of war, welcomes him into their home, and they call him Cheol Su. The boy proves to be extremely loyal to Sun I, who in turn gradually succeeds at teaching him to act more human than animal. Soon after they begin to recognize the depth of their attachment to one another, the actions of a jealous suitor and a few fearful villagers threaten to separate them forever, and Sun I must do what she can to protect Cheol Su when the true extent of his inner beast comes to light.

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heimi 25 Feb, 2015
This is a masterpiece, I cried so much; Song Junki is a genius, ! ;__;
doma1277 06 Mar, 2016
strawberryz 09 Apr, 2016
Why so sad. :(
anyzs 13 Jun, 2016
i have just watched this movie and im surprised that no one is talking about how similar it is to edward scissorhands.
this movie is actually an improved version of the one with johnny depp (ugh, disgusting man)
great movie, soundtrack and acting.
babo 30 Oct, 2016
Watched it again, for the third/forth time. Just as good as ever. Cried, as usual.
calm 11 Feb, 2017
Am I the only one who doesn't like this movie? I kept reading only positive comments about it so I watched it just know but it was really bad in my opinion... :O
lorpy 03 Nov, 2017
@calm I think the same
laydii 15 Apr, 2018
This was a lovely piece ;-; my heart the entire time was LIKEE