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In 1960s Korea, a sickly girl called Sun I discovers a feral boy has been living in the barn of her family's new country house. Her mother, believing him to be an orphan of war, welcomes him into their home, and they call him Cheol Su. The boy proves to be extremely loyal to Sun I, who in turn gradually succeeds at teaching him to act more human than animal. Soon after they begin to recognize the depth of their attachment to one another, the actions of a jealous suitor and a few fearful villagers threaten to separate them forever, and Sun I must do what she can to protect Cheol Su when the true extent of his inner beast comes to light.

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mizuumi 21 Feb, 2013
This became my favorite movie immediately. Joong Gi were just perfect. Everything in this movie was perfect. There's nothing else I can get out from my mouth now... I'm still crying and my heard hurts because of it... Just love it ;__;
infidence 21 Feb, 2013
@mizuumi You say that only because you're a young teenage girl with a crush on Song Joong Ki. How close was my guess? :b
mizuumi 21 Feb, 2013
@infidence I don't consider myself as teenage even I want to, 'cause I'm turning 20 in this year but I'm near to teenage, that was pretty close :) But crush on Song Joong Ki, not at all :D Before this movie I didn't believe that he would have any skills in acting. He's a bit sweet sometimes in Running Man but I don't especially like him. But still, I have to admit that I'll try to watch some other movie from him now (usually when my bias or "crush" act somewhere, I run immediately to watch it).

I guess I loved the movie so much because I love this kind of movies. It reminded me of Fushigi Yuugi anime that I loved a lot :)
taekyul893 22 Feb, 2013
Amazing. So heartbreaking but still gave me a warm feeling.
It hurts me so much that it took her that long to go back and search for him.
And it hurts me even more that she left again, leaving him all alone again...

Finally saw it after waiting since the first trailer came out.
And just as I thought, here I am crying...
hyukjae 22 Feb, 2013
heartbreaking, indeed. :(
y0urlorelei 22 Feb, 2013
So sad TT_TT I cried my eyes. Perfect play, the actors did great job, but
I find her egoistic- leaving like that... and why did she write "wait for me" when she didn't really mean it. It's just kind of cruel
momo 22 Feb, 2013
Amazing movie. Music, plot and actors are awesome
shineegirl 24 Feb, 2013
oh my, so touching ттт i couldn't stop crying! This movies shows how humanbeings are more cruel than animals ттт what a pure love ... i don't know what to say - it's just perfect ♥