Nakamaru Yuuichi To Star In A Drama Wearing Aging Makeup

discordia 23 Aug, 2013

It has been announced that Nakamaru Yuuichi from the popular group KAT-TUN will be starring in the TBS midnight drama “Henshin Interviewer no Yuutsu” that will start in October. Nakamaru will play the hero that transforms from being a genius trick writer to an eloquent interviewer who chases after various incidents. About the role Nakamaru said “Because there is the part before the transformation and the part after, it is fun to act both extremes”. Revealing that the aging makeup takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes, actress Kimura Fumino, who plays the pretty editor that teams up with the hero, showed her surprise saying “I didn’t think that a person’s face can change so much. I think this Nakamaru will be something quite different”.

The drama is an original comedic mystery by director Miki Satoshi, who is well-known for works such as “Jikou Keisatsu” and “Ore Ore”. The story is about a genius trick writer named Shirakawa Jirou that transforms into the eloquent interviewer Aonuma Kiryuu who faces mysterious murder cases happening in an enclosed city. Being a work of director Miki, the drama’s highlight is the rich ensemble of characters and cast, that reaches as many as 30 people in all. Apart from Nakamaru and Kimura, Fuse Eri, Matsuo Suzuki and Matsushige Yutaka will also be appearing.

When he spoke about the time he received the offer, Nakamaru mentioned the film “Ore Ore” where Kamenashi Kazuya (also from KAT-TUN) played 33 different characters, and said with a smile “I heard about the offer right after watching ‘Ore Ore’ so I was very happy about it”. About his appearance before the transformation, he said “I have very long hair and grey eyebrows. Simply put, I look like Sadako. Being told by those around me that I’m scary was a bit of a shock”.

“Henshin Interviewer no Yuutsu” is scheduled to air on Mondays starting October 21st.


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