Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Kitagawa Keiko And Itou Hideaki To Star Together For The First Time In “Dokushin Kizoku”

discordia 28 Aug, 2013

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi will be starring in Fuji TV’s new drama “Dokushin Kizoku” that will start in October. It has been four years since the last time Kusanagi starred in a Fuji TV drama series with “Ninkyou Helper” in 2009.

Kusanagi will be playing an almost 40 year old president of a declining film production company. Because he doesn’t like his pace to be disturbed by other people, he believes that he doesn’t need to get married, that he is a “dokushin kizoku” (a “noble single”). Itou Hideaki will be playing his younger brother who works in the sales department of the company and is in divorce proceedings. He is a man who is constantly busy with love because of his natural good looks. In front of these two brothers will appear the heroine, played by Kitagawa Keiko. She will be challenging the role of a woman who has a dream of becoming a screenwriter but it is not going well, and who is disillusioned about love and has become a “marriage refugee”. The drama, following the big changes in the two brothers’ lives after they meet with Kitagawa’s character, is a romantic triangle comedy.

The direction will be by Takeuchi Hideki who is known for works such as “Densha Otoko” (2005) and “Nodame Cantabile” (2006). A highlight of “Dokushin Kizoku” is that this time it is a completely original work.

Starring Kusanagi commented “I’ve always thought that single life is fun and free, so I guess I am myself a “dokushin kizoku (noble single)” (laughter). It is a romantic comedy so I’d like to have fun playing in it. Since it will be my first time playing with Itou and Kitagawa I’m already nervous and excited”. Kitagawa said “Because these days there are many women who worry about how to balance their work and their life, I hope there will be many people to identify with my character”. “Because I too am a “noble single”, I am feeling a lot of attachment. Please look forward for it” Itou appealed.


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