Theme Songs Announced For Upcoming Sequels

akiraka 10 Sep, 2013

The theme songs for two soon-to-be-airing sequel drama series' have recently been announced.

For the second run of "Toshidensetsu No Onna" (Urban Legend Woman), scheduled to start on Friday, October 11, a new song by female musical group "Perfume" entitled "Sweet Refrain" is to be utilized. Lead actress Nagasawa Masami commented jubilantly saying "I love the new Perfume song so much every time I hear it I get invigorated and want to sing and dance like at karaoke or as entertainment for an old friend's wedding reception. I'm really glad it was decided upon for the theme song."

In addition, the musical group "9Nine" which features Kawashima Umika, currently appearing as the heroine's role in the TBS drama series "Pin To Kona," will provide the opening theme for the sequel production of "Legal High," a series also scheduled to commence broadcasting this coming October. Kawashima commented about the decision saying "It's an honor to be given the opportunity to perform the opening theme for a production which is loved by so many people. I would like everyone to enjoy the 9Nine song together with the show, and will do my best to enliven the drama (with it)!! Myself, I also will be looking forward to watching Legal High in front of my television!"

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