Additional Regulars Announced For "Legal High"

akiraka 19 Sep, 2013

It's been announced that actress Koyuki will be performing as a regular in the upcoming second season of Legal High, scheduled to begin airing on Wednesday, October 9. For Koyuki, it will be her first appearance in a drama series since the birth of her second child in January of this year, and her first in roughly three years when she appeared in a guest spot in an episode of Unubore Deka.

Koyuki will play the character of Andou Kiwa, who enters the series as a suspect in a murder case. In her first trial she was given the death sentence and has been held in custody in a prison. Prior to this case, Kiwa had been married twice and both her husbands had died suspicious deaths. Furthermore, in both instances she collected a life insurance payout as a result. A beautiful woman who seduces and cons men, Kiwa has been branded by the media as the "Wicked woman of the century." She happens to hear of a rumor of a certain lawyer who, as long as he is making money, is certain to be victorious in any trial. She then seeks out this very lawyer Komikado Kensuke (Sakai Masato), to defend her.

In addition, two more regulars were also announced for the series. Actress Kuroki Haru and actor Furutachi Kanji will appear as lawyers for a law office called "NEXUS" who confront the show's central characters, the oddball legal team of Komikado and Mayuzumi (Aragaki Yui), in the courtroom.


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zaharisa 20 Sep, 2013
Nice. I love Koyuki... Somehow her face is so beautiful and gentle :-)

I'm anticipating to watch these weirdos again :-)