Kurihara Rui To Play Miyabi In “Higanjima”

discordia 21 Sep, 2013

Additional cast has been announced for the midnight horror drama adaptation “Higanjima” (based on the popular manga of the same name), including the model and actor Kurihara Rui who will be playing Miyabi, the strongest vampire. “Even in a million years I couldn’t compare to Yamamoto Kouji (who played Miyabi in the 2010 film adaptation), but I will do my best not to disappoint you” Kurihara said excited. A picture of Kurihara as a bewitching silver-haired vampire has also been published.

The original manga by Matsumoto Kouji is currently being serialized on Young Magazine (by Kodansha), and is in its final chapters renamed as “Higanjima, the last 47 days”. This will be its second live-action adaptation after a film in 2010. The story follows the hero who is searching for his missing older brother and, along with his friends, ends up on Higanjima, a desert island ruled by vampires, where they engage in a battle of life and death. Director Miike Takashi will be the overall editorial supervisor for the drama.

The two leads, Shiraishi Shunya and Suzuki Ryouhei, as well as the heroine, played by Yamashita Rio, had previously been announced. This time, other than Kurihara, it has been announced that Yamato Yuuga (former top star of the Takarazuka Revue) will be making her drama debut, showing off a bold sexy costume. Also appearing will be Misaki Ayame, as Atsushi’s (played by Suzuki) girlfriend, and Tsurumi Shingo, as the person who knows about Miyabi’s past.

“Higanjima” will start on October 24th (on TBS and MBS) and is planned to have 10 episodes.


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