Dan Mitsu Gets First Lead Part

akiraka 02 Oct, 2013

It's been announced that the sexy and intelligent performer Dan Mitsu will appear in her first lead role in an upcoming winter drama special entitled "Akumu no Rokugoushitsu" (Nightmare Room Six), in which she plays the wife of a confectionary shopkeeper and possesses a dual-sided nature.

The production is based on the latest work in author Kinoshita Hanta's "Nightmare" series. Others include "Akumu no Drive" (Nightmare Drive) and "Akumu no Elevator" (Nightmare Elevator).

Dan Mitsu's character in the drama is that of Machida Ayuko, the wife of a "third generation" owner of a long-established confectionary shop. A cool beauty with the appearance of a calm and graceful socialite, but also possessing a side of her that is emotionally unstable with an aggressive nature. Her husband, who is very much a womanizer, has an adulterous side and having been cheated on, Ayuko approaches a freelance hitman with the request of a "husband kill."

Below is a summary of the core characters and cast:

Machida Ayuko (Dan Mitsu) ...housewife; married to Machida Keisuke
Honda Kotone (Aizawa Rina) ...cabaret club hostess; mistress to the Morifuku mob boss
Morifuku Takashi (Morimoto Ryouji) ...son of the Morifuku mob boss
Joujima Yukihiro (Hino Hachizou) ...henchman for the Morifuku mob
Machida Keisuke (Saigou Yutaka) ...the young master of a long-established confectionary shop
Uchikawa Ippei (Horibe Keisuke) ...the hitman

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