New Drama Series Announced Starring Miura Haruma

akiraka 14 Nov, 2013

It's been announced that actor Miura Haruma is to star in an upcoming "human" drama which will portray a young man struggling with a serious illness. This being his first solo lead role in a drama series for the Fuji Television Network, his character, Sawada Takuto battles with ALS, a disease in which the muscles gradually deteriorate to the point of respiratory distress, ultimately being able to be kept alive only by means of an artificial respirator. Takuto can only think vaguely regarding his objective and life, and while aware that his remaining years are few, he gropes for a way through the life he has left.

Characters and cast:

Sawada Takuto (Age 22) ...Miura Haruma
A fourth-year university student in the process of securing potential future employment. His father is the director at a mid-size general hospital. Both parents had hoped for him to become a doctor, but while he was in middle school, that hope shifted to his brother Rikuto, four years younger than him. Though he is popular with women and has no problem getting along with them, he actually has no confidence that he is loved and avoids becoming deeply involved with anyone.

Hongou Megumi (Age 22) ...Tabe Mikako
Takuto's classmate who is also in her fourth year of university and in the job-seeking process. Her father having passed away when she was still a child, she lives together with her mother. She hopes to find employment at a company of note if at all possible. Somehow or other following graduation she wants to become a full-time employee as she must pay back her student financing. She's pure and honest, but has a certain clumsiness about her.

Mukai Shigeyuki (Age 24) ...Saitou Takumi
Two years Takuto's senior, he is like a big brother to him. Like Takuto, he has gone out with numerous women in the past. Though he jokes how the two of them are alike in their interest in women, he in fact possesses a spirit of rivalry towards Takuto. Upon finding out that Takuto has begun seeing Megumi, he makes fast advances on her.

Murayama Hina (Age 22) ...Yamamoto Mizuki
A friend of Megumi's. With her job-hunting not going well, before she knew it, she found herself putting all her energy into instead seeking a marriage partner.

Sawada Rikuto (Age 18) ...Nomura Shuuhei
Following high-school graduation, he advanced into medical school, moving to Tokyo and living with Takuto. Ever since he was a child, his parents had high hopes of him becoming a doctor, and he too feels that this is the obvious choice for him. He collides with his older brother about everything.

Doctor Tanimoto ...Fukikoshi Mitsuru
Takuto's attending physician. A neurologist who has seen many cases of ALS within Japan.

Hongou Shouko (Age 55) ...Asada Miyoko
Megumi's mother. Her husband passed away of an illness. After it was determined that he did not have much time left to live, she devotedly took care of him while raising her young child Megumi. Currently she works part-time for a lunch vendor. Cheerfully unrefined and abundant in affection. However, she fears again losing another person she loves, and for this reason cannot think about remarrying.

Sawada Sawako (Age 56) ...Harada Mieko
Takuto and Rikuto's mother. She has big hopes for Rikuto.

Series title: Boku No Ita Jikan
Broadcast time: 22:00 - 22:54, Wednesday nights, beginning in January, 2014.

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