Takimoto Miori, Hongou Kanata And Seung Ri To Star In “Yubikoi”

discordia 14 Nov, 2013

Young actress Takimoto Miori will be starring in UULA’s original smartphone drama “Yubikoi”, along with Big Bang’s Seung Ri and talented actor Hongou Kanata. Ootani Kentarou will be directing.

The story starts when a Korean overseas student, named Seung Ho (Seung Ri), comes to stay in Miwa’s (Takimoto) house. Miwa is a university student and she is in love with her classmate Masaki (Hongou) who is like an idol in the university. As Seung Ho can speak Japanese but he can’t write, Miwa ends up writing for him a “love letter mail” for his first love. Seeing Seung Ho who honestly speaks his thoughts, Miwa comes to realize the importance of conveying your feelings.

After finishing filming Takimoto recalled “At first, as I was playing Miwa who looks at everyone from afar and doesn’t get involved, I felt lonely”. She also commented “I celebrated my 22nd birthday on the filming site. I received an album with messages from everyone, which made me really happy”.

Seung Ri said about Hongou “Because we all close in age we were able to match in a natural way. It really felt like we were school friends”. About Ootani director he commented “He was different from the image I had of him before actually meeting him. In my mind, I thought of him as an expert of romantic films and dramas and I expected him to be more fussy, but in reality he is very gentle and has a kind feel about him”.

For Takimoto, both her co-stars had words of compliment “Takimoto is genuine, earnest and bright, she is energetic and all in all a wonderful person” (Seug Ri), “From the moment I met her I thought she is a bright and charming person, and until the end it was very fun filming together” (Hongou).

Yamaya Kasumi, Terajima Susumu, Yoshikura Aoi, Nanao, Katagiri Jin and YOU will also be appearing. Also, Seug Ri, taking inspiration from this drama, has written his first song in Japanese “Sora ni Egaku Omoi” which will be used as the ending theme.

“Yubikoi – a message to you –” will start on December 4th.

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