Oguri Shun And Amami Yuuki In 2014 Drama Series

akiraka 02 Jan, 2014

Oguri Shun and Amami Yuuki will be appearing together in a 2014 drama commemorating Yomiuri Television's 55th anniversary entitled "Oiesan" and based on the novel of the same title by author Tamaoka Kaoru. The series tells the story of a general trade company called "Suzuki Shouten" (note: "shouten" being a general term for shop, store, business establishment, etc.) during it's existence from the Meiji on into the Showa era, and will be told from the perspective of the company's female manager Suzuki Yone (played by Amami) and its head clerk Kaneko Naokichi (played by Oguri).

Characters and Cast

Suzuki Yone (Amami Yuuki)
The female manager of "Suzuki Shouten" in which she, with her deep love and unbreakable unyielding spirit no matter what the adversity, grew the sugar wholesale company of ten employees into a giant trading company. She is called "Oiesan" by the employees.

Kaneko Naokichi (Oguri Shun)
The head clerk who made the name "Suzuki Shouten" known worldwide. A businessman at heart possessing conversation skills adept at attracting people, yet at the same time admired by colleagues both of equal and lower rank for his samurai-like rugged sense of duty.

Suzuki Iwajirou (Namase Katsuhisa)
Manager of "Suzuki Shouten." Yone's husband. He believes it is the servant's duty to make wealthy and look out for the house of the employer. The possessor of a stern view regarding the master-servant relationship.

Sen (Aibu Saki)
A servant at "Suzuki Shouten." Strong-minded and beautiful, with an inner combative spirit. She becomes emotionally involved with Naokichi.

Fukuda Tamaki (Kurokawa Tomoka)
A servant who entered the company at the same time as Sen. A clumsy but pure-hearted personality, who secretly feels affection for Tagawa.

Gotou Shinpei (Itou Shirou)
The head of civilian affairs of Taiwan. Later the Minister of Home Affairs in Japan. He has a deep relationship with "Suzuki Shouten."

Motomura (Matsushige Yutaka)
A newspaper reporter who frequents "Suzuki Shouten."

Tagawa Mansaku (Oowada Kensuke)
A man skilled in English who was brought into the company to help Naokichi expand the business into Taiwan. Naokichi's right-hand man and friend.

Nishida Nakauemon (Nishimura Masahiko)
Yone's much older brother. He totally does not understand Yone's enlightened spirit and business ambitions, however when there is a real predicament, he is kind and willing to lend a helping hand.

Ishi (Izumi Pinko)
"Suzuki Shouten's" long-time hard-faced top servant. Obstinate and smart-mouthed, but one who continues in her support for Yone.

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