Iwai Shunji For The First Time Writing The Screenplay For A Drama Series

discordia 14 Jan, 2014

Iwai Shunji writes for the first time the screenplay for the drama series “Nazo no Tenkousei”, starring Nakamura Aoi, Hongou Kanata and Sakurai Minami. Directing is Nagasawa Masahiko.

The original is a science fiction young adult novel by Mayumura Taku, which became a hot topic in the 1970s when it had a drama adaptation as part of NHK’s “Shounen Drama Series”. The story takes place in a high school where a ghost is seen, and soon after a transfer student arrives and strange incidents start to take place one after another. Iwai, who had watched the previous adaptation when he was in junior high school, commented “Just seeing the name Mayumura Taku brings me back to those times. To be able to work on this drama myself is really a bliss”.

“Nazo no Tenkousei” started airing on January 10th.

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misekeith 14 Jan, 2014
I can't wait to see how it turns out! ;_;
noodlemouth 14 Jan, 2014
Sounds cool :o ^_^
nanuklein 14 Jan, 2014