Preview Of 2014 "Yonikimo" Spring Special

akiraka 30 Mar, 2014

The lineup for this year's "Yonimo Kimyou Na Monogatori" (Tales Of The Extremely Bizarre) Spring special has been officially announced. Broadcast time is scheduled for April 5 from 21:00 to 23:10 during Fuji Television's "Premium Saturday" time slot. Below is a summary of the five stories that will make up this latest episode. Sequence may vary upon broadcast.


1. NEET No Kare To Cute Na Kanojo
English: A NEET Boy and a Cute Girl
Starring: Tamamori Yuuta
Supporing: Kimura Fumino
Introduction: Akita Masashi has just moved into a government subsidized and managed bachelor apartment. Equipped with the latest home network system, when you input your personal information into it, your own personal concierge appears in the form of a hologram image providing general supervision over the electronic devices in the room. When Masashi inputs his personal data, immediately MM-2020a appears wearing a maid outfit, and their cohabitation begins. The jobless university grad Masashi continues to take employment examinations but with unfavorable results. One day, when he goes for an interview after taking advice from MM, he senses a reaction that he has never had before..........

2. Hakatomo
English: Gravesite Friends
Starring: Watanabe Eri
Supporting: Maya Kyouko
Introduction: Karube Chiyomi purchases cemetery space beneath some cherry trees. She becomes "hakatomo," or "grave friends" with Inou Yuuko, a woman who had purchased cemetery space next to her's, after they shared an umbrella to the bus stop. One day, Yuuko appears while Chiyomi is at work at her janitorial job. When the two share a meal together they completely hit it off and Chiyomi tells Yuuko about her taste for theatre-going and such. Then, while Chiyomi is relaxing at home on her day off, Yuuko shows up. Chiyomi is surprised by her appearance. The coat that Yuuko was wearing matched the one that she was wearing when they first met. As well she hands Chiyomi a red scarf which matches the one she is wearing and invites her to the theatre............

3. Kuusou Shoujo
English: Fantasizing Girl
Starring: Nounen Rena
Supporting: Iitoyo Marie, Irie Jingi, Mickey Curtis, Itou Koujun
Introduction: Asahina Kaoru is a high school student attending a girls' prep school who somehow can't get adjusted to class. On the school commute which takes an hour and forty minutes, she enjoys becoming absorbed in the world of the history novels she reads. As well, there is another pleasure Kaoru has. Handsome high school student Misawa Haruto, who boards the train on the way, is the spitting image of Ishida Mitsunari, Kaoru's number one ranked in her imaginary world of good-looking Sengoku era military commanders. One day, with her history novel in one hand and imagining Haruto as usual, she notices an elderly man standing before her. She glances around the train car for a seat that should be offered up to the man but.......

4. Last Cinema
Starring: Eikura Nana
Supporting: Kaneko Nobuaki, Kitarou
Introduction: Hoshino Ayano is a video director for a certain television broadcaster. After breaking up with her boyfriend Iwasaki Kazuhiko, she gets caught up in a construction zone accident in which a pipe falls upon her. Immediately after this, she finds herself in a movie theater. Being shown on the screen are images from Ayano's entire life, and she then realizes that she has died. However, the film contents were very much abridged leaving a totally unsatisfactory final product. She tells a manager who appears that the quality of the video is way too low. Ayano, who is reckoned by the manager to have worked as a video director, will now be able to edit her life herself but..........

5. Fukushuu Byoutou
English: Revenge Ward
Starring: Fujiki Naohito
Supporting: Akai Hidekazu
Introduction: Ishida Michio receives a call from his son's attending physician and drives to the hospital in the rain. Ishida's only son Yuuji had been hospitalized after entering a construction area and having some materials fall upon him, breaking his leg. Upon arriving, Ishida is let into a hospital which is pitch dark as a result of power outage caused by a lightning strike. Ishida is very concerned that something may have happened with his son's condition, but the doctor, after finding out that he is a high school physical education teacher, starts up a chat about corporal punishment. The doctor then brings out a fencing stick from a locker in the corner of the room and begins talking reminiscently about his association with it.........


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