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Hwa I doesn't know that he is raised by five criminals and not his real parents. When he finds out and gets confronted with his past, Hwa I sets out to take revenge....

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infidence 23 Feb, 2014
@yellow0102 Cheater.
nymeria 05 Mar, 2014
Finally watched :D very good movie!
stellybish 07 Mar, 2014
I waited for this movie for over a year and I had high expectations but I was disappointed.
This was a way too brutal for my taste and something in the plot was totally missing :/
Jin Gu once again proved that he's an amzing actor!

But I actually feel bad for him... playing in this kind of movie can cause a trauma for a kid at his age.
aquariia 09 Mar, 2014
This film is not bad but it's not my piece of cake. The story is sick. Yeo Jin Goo superb performance makes this movie worth to check out though.
thefreak 13 Mar, 2014
Agree with the comments before: I expected so much more, or rather less (blood) from this....The performances were superb! Yeo Jin Goo outdid himself again and I really, really can't wait for his next project because he is one of the best actors out there!
The rest of the film was rather mediocre as the story wasn't that original and had way too many holes and was just not endearing enough for me to feel with the characters; adding that they probably wanted to conceal this flaw by splattering more than 50 litres of blood....DISGUSTING!!!

@stellybish I don't think you need to worry about him^^ He's already old enough to choose his projects so Jin Gu was definitely alright with all this (as he read the script beforehand) and I assess him to be mature enough (I Miss You wasn't a piece of cake, too, I bet.)
stellybish 14 Mar, 2014
Yeah he surely is old enough to choose his projects and he looks so mature! *o*
His role in I Miss You was also a tough one, I agree :)
But he was like 15 when he filmed this :/ If it was me, I think I wasn't gonna take it well xD
(The blood and violence I mean...)
megs 04 Apr, 2014
This was actually pretty good. The kiddo did a great job and there is no need to make comments on Kim Yun Seok's acting (awesome as usual). And I don't know what's with you people and blood. It's not like there were fountains or something.
Well, maybe a little bit at the end but isn't that the best part- when everything ends in blood. >:D
sionsono 11 May, 2014
Bloody amazing, literally.