hwa i: goemureul samkin ai

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Hwa I doesn't know that he is raised by five criminals and not his real parents. When he finds out and gets confronted with his past, Hwa I sets out to take revenge....

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kiyoshi 29 Dec, 2014
This movie was really interesting. I liked it. The plot was original even if many parts of the movie were predictable. I didn't expect that kind of end, it wasn't the best end ever but it was ok. So I rated it 3/5.
nami24 04 Feb, 2015
i know am late to watch this but just a while ago i found it ... jin gu has grown up too much am proud of him :") <3 ma kiddo he shall be my new child! *-*
this movie had lots of blood tho idk... but it was great ! showed the great acting of the cast i guess :D
babo 01 Nov, 2016
oh.mY.GOD!!! THE CAST! Why haven't I seen this before?!
mirroro 21 Feb, 2017
such a great movie.
seoltang 06 Aug, 2017
Muito bom. Mas muito violento. 5/5
powerpuff 05 Dec, 2017
I knew I wasn't enjoying the movie but I became sure it was bad when they used the 'guy-falling-on-sharp-oject-for-the-sake-of-gore' death. I mean I can handle blood, grossness isn't the problem. The problem's that blood and gore was excessive for no reason, like it was trying to fill up the plot holes, there was no meaning to it. The story was promising but you could've guessed its 'secret' within the first half hour. Then it became a bad Oldboy. Sad waste of a great cast. Anyway my opinion.