Preview Of 2015 "Yonikimo" Spring Special

akiraka 07 Apr, 2015

2015 marks the 25th consecutive year of broadcasts for the Fuji television series Yonimo Kimyou Na Monogatari (Tales of the Extremely Bizarre) and to celebrate the achievement, the network has produced a unique ‘Popular Manga Artists Edition’ for its 25th Anniversary Spring Special, set to air on Saturday, April 11. As he has since the first episode aired on April 19, 1990, Tamori returns to introduce the feature stories in his role as the “Story Teller,” and this time, each will be based on a work by a well-known manga artist. Officially announced to play the lead parts for the individual segments are as follows:

Abe Hiroshi (last appearance 1991)
Inagaki Gorou (last appearance 2003)
Maeda Atsuko (first appearance)
Suzuki Rio (first appearance)
Hasegawa Kyouko (last appearance 2006)


Below is a summary of the five feature stories.

1. Men
English: Mask
Starring: Suzuki Rio
Supporting: Hakamada Yoshihiko, Kirishima Reika, Yamaoka Aiki, Maro Akaji
Original Work: Nagai Gou
Screenwriter: Takayama Naoya
Director: Ueda Yasushi
Introduction: One day Miku (played by Suzuki Rio) and a friend heard a terrifying legend from a priest about a Noh mask that was in a temple. In an instant a monk had become separated from his face as if it were but a mask and he ceased to exist, and only this mask remained. Soon after hearing this story, strange things began to happen to the children. Miku receives a mysterious phone call from her friend Aki (played by Yamaoka Aiki) saying “My mask is coming off,” and at the end of the call, would suddenly disappear. She had also said that when she put her hands to her face, close to her ears she could hear the sound of a mask coming off. One day Miku herself would also hear that sound. Miku trembles with fear believing she too was about to disappear. A mysterious figure of a man is following Miku about. It is then that the horrifying truth is about to be revealed……

2. Jibakusha
English: Earthbound People
Starring: Maeda Atsuko
Supporting: Tanaka Kei, Watanabe Makiko
Original Work: Itou Junji
Screenwriter: Tanabe Mitsuru
Director: Kouno Keita
Introduction: One day, throughout the town, people in a posture in which they were unable to move at all as if bound to the earth, began to appear. While everyone else would not go near them thinking they may be dangerous, Asano Noriko (played by Maeda Atsuko), a social welfare worker for a group called ‘The Blue Sky Heart Association,’ tried talking to these people who had come to be known as “Jibakusha,” a word meaning “person bound to the earth.” After at last being able to draw out some information from them, she surmised that due to their strong attachment to the ground which they stood upon, they had become unable to move. Hayakawa Yoshiya (played by Tanaka Kei), the leader of The Blue Sky Heart Association, was partial to the hardworking Noriko. By contrast, the compassionate Noriko herself was troubled with discord with her mother Mariko (played by Watanabe Makiko), who had abandoned her father. And then, an unexpected person would become a Jibakusha and the astonishing truth would come to light……

3. Gomu Gomu No Otoko
English: Gum Gum Man
Starring: Abe Hiroshi
Supporting: Luffy, Kitamura Yukiya
Original Work: Oda Eiichirou
Screenwriter: Kamimori Morie
Director: Kinoshita Takao
Introduction: Mob henchman Kitou (played by Abe Hiroshi) had been hospitalized following an attempt on his life during a dispute which left him with injuries so severe he was unable to walk. There, by chance he would eat a “Gum Gum Fruit” giving his body the ability to expand and contract like rubber. Though revitalized by his newfound elastic power, he found that he had already been disregarded as a nuisance by his former gang. Next, he would meet Monkey D. Luffy and discover something very important……

4. Mushitachi No Ie
English: House Of Bugs
Starring: Hasegawa Kyouko
Supporting: Itao Itsuji, Iriyama Noriko
Special Appearance: Umezu Kazuo
Original Work: Umezu Kazuo
Screenwriter: Takayama Naoya
Director: Matsuki Tsukuru
Introduction: Ruiko (played by Hasegawa Kyouko), the beautiful wife of her obsessive husband Kouichi (played by Itao Itsuji), had been confined to her house by him. As the situation escalated, she began to deteriorate mentally and wishing to become a bug so that she could escape, ended up turning into a spider. Kouichi told a lover of his named Hanako (played by Iriyama Noriko) that his wife was no longer human, and showed the girl about the place. His explanation to her was that he truly loved Ruiko but one day when he returned home, he found her with a young man, and her guilty conscience had turned Ruiko into a spider. They soon found Ruiko at the house in a spider web looking mysteriously at peace. Hanako was surprised at this, and when Kouichi got up from his seat, she discovered a diary within the web. However, in the diary, Ruiko’s true sentiment was exposed which was completely different from Kouichi’s explanation……

5. Jibun o Shinjita Otoko
English: The Man Who Believed In Himself
Starring: Inagaki Gorou
Supporting: Tezuka Tooru
Original Work: Ishikawa Masayuki
Screenwriter: Fujiki Mitsuhiko
Director: Jouhou Hidenori
Introduction: Usui Jirou is an inconspicuous, run-of-the-mill company worker. All his life he’s been endowed with no real presence whatsoever and tends to be forgettable to everyone. One day, when taking a seat at a family restaurant, there was a man already sitting across from him. Thinking the seat vacant, and without noticing the man (Kageyama, played by Tezuka Tooru), Usui goes and sits down. Sympathizing with each other’s lack of presence, the two men hit it off discussing things like how they even get no reaction from bidet toilet seats. Kageyama suggests to Usui they take bold action making use of their lack of presence so extreme it wouldn’t be strange to call them invisible men, in order to obtain proof of their existence. The two of them would set out to rob a bank together……

The network has also numerous other special broadcasts planned for the title's 25th year including its second midnite special (the first aired last year) which will be comprised of six specially selected stories from former years, three of which were scripted by Kitagawa Eriko in the 1990s. It is scheduled to air Wednesday, April 8, from 25:59 to 28:00. Also a short five minute filler piece comprised of numerous short skits (usually less than a minute long) that have appeared throughout its history, will be airing. And to commence broadcasting April 8, will be high-definition widescreen versions of the episodes from the original series’ which were first broadcast in the early 1990s. More announcements are expected in the coming days as well.

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