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Cheon Ji, a young student, commits suicide, leaving no notes behind. Her mother and sister are trying to adapt to the new situation while attempting to figure out what made Cheon Ji seek to end her life. They key to solve the mystery turns out to be Cheon Ji's classmate, Hwa Yeon.

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namisuju 09 Sep, 2014
So good movie!!!!!!!~~~~~like it so much <3
hwangyeoshin 25 Sep, 2014
Kim Yoo Jung is great in this.
ginko87 03 Mar, 2015
I did not expect this movie would be good. I watch it without any information and I was surprise of the direction taken by the movie. Power of love, family ties, and forgiveness.. The best is to not read the plot before watch the movie
kiyoshi 21 Nov, 2015
I cried so many times during the movie ... It was well done and the subject was powerfull ...
powerpuff 06 Dec, 2017
I expected this movie to be more straightforward and focused because of the difficult themes it's dealing with but it was disappointing
I think a single scene of the family together really wasn't enough to give the viewer a picture of the relationship between mother and daughters. Older sister looks like she's completely ignoring Cheonji but then she goes around pointing fingers at everyone. I'd imagine a person in her position would be busy enough dealing with feelings of grief and guilt. I just never got a real sense of sincere grief from any of the characters, though they're all great actresses. I wasn't sure if the movie was trying to deal with bullying, with child depression, family issues, it didn't really focus on anything. And then you got a good ending, it wasn't very honest.