Do you rewatch things?

kamilles 31 Jul, 2015
I used to rewatch dramas back when I couldn't find new/better dramas to watch! :p
For example, the moment I finished hana kimi, I rewatched it again..
Currently I don't rewatch dramas, I want to find new ones instead - I do rewatch them when I show them to my siblings or friends, so a lot of dramas I have seen many times because of that reason... :)
greeeeenlight 01 Dec, 2017
i've a lot of favorite & rewatched drama, movie or english series from time to time depending on my mood.
when going thru drama slump, rewatch is definitely a must!
lostinthemist 19 Apr, 2018
As most of people usually watch either "Home Alone" or "Die Hard" during Christmas season, then I started my own little tradition - watching Korean drama "White Christmas." I've been doing that since I first saw it, so it must be consecutively 6 years by now. :D I started to learn Korean since 2011, so it has been more thrilling to see by each year how much my Korean skill has had improved and how much more I can understand the dialogue by not reading subtitles anymore, but more listening.
More than dramas, I tend to re-watch movies a lot. I have so-called all-time favorite movie list which contains around 30 or more movies from each genre and for each mood. I re-watch then quite often, at least 5-6 movies in a year or more. Sometimes I even re-watch movies when they are being screened at the cinema. For example, I used to watch "The Dark Knight" for 7 times at the cinema. "Ratatouille," "War for the Planet of the Apes" and "Avatar" for 3 times. And lots of more movies for twice. Personally, the movie that I have re-watched the most is "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete" and the count could easily be around 30.

Lately, I noticed I have been re-watching "Your Name" a lot. I saw it on a flight to South Korea the last year in January and was completely mesmerized since it resonated with me a lot on a personal and spiritual level. I went to see it twice at Korean cinema. Then I saw it again two times at home. My country has Japanese anime movie festival taking place now which showcases various movies, but "Your Name" is also present. So I'll go to see it again this weekend. :D
seoltang 19 Apr, 2018
Only my favs