Worst dramas ever

grinsekatze 20 Nov, 2011
A Prince's first Love
Success Story of a Bright Girl
Secret Garden
and i really wanted to watch Smile, You but couldn't because it was way too annoying so i dropped it

tastes are different so there are some dramas that are either hated or liked (yes i was surprised to see some i really liked listed: Nobuta wo Produce, Goong and Coffee Prince, but i don'T mind haters as long as they let me watch em in peace ;])
miyukiss 22 Nov, 2011
Ikemen Desu Ne /shields face
I thought Hikaru's acting was okay and I liked Tama-chan because I am biased. But everyone else's acting hurt my face. The plot is ridiculous, it's misogynistic, homophobic, generally ignorant, plot holes ABOUND, unrealistic, frustrating not in the good way, completely over-dramatic - again, not in the good way and generally hard to sit through without an aneurysm.

It's not even funny. I've only seen a few episodes of You're Beautiful and I like it better definitely. I plan to finish that one but considering how close the Japanese one seems to be copied from the Korean, and seeing as how the plot is still horrendous and predictable, I'm not sure how much I'll like that one. At least the acting is better (and I'm in a Lee Hong Ki loving mood).
sleepninja 09 Dec, 2011
Hmmm I'm usually pretty easy to please when it comes to dramas, but I would have to say the ones that got on my nerves the most were Playful Kiss and 1% Of Anything (only drama I have dropped so far).
falcon1582 11 Feb, 2012
Boys Before Flowers They should have just let it go.
loveless 04 Mar, 2012
what about Muscle girl?! I can't remember of anything more stupid than this one..... it's soooooooooo boring... if you haven't watched it DON'T DO TI!!!!
angelus 05 Mar, 2012
Well I loved Secret Garden

Its a matter of taste. list of my worst drama ever Dream High,Coffee Prince,Boys Before Flowers(coz i liked the TW version) and Playful KIss(TW is so much better).
exandria 06 Sep, 2012
kaito royale
gloomy salad days