Worst dramas ever

daredaniel 08 Jul, 2010
What are the worst dramas you've ever watched? For me, it was Liar Game. Awful acting and really annoying characters! Also, the story was very repetitive, I had to drop it at episode 5. I can't understand why it is so high rated on MDL o_O.
nanuklein 08 Jul, 2010
That's my comment on Liar Game: "It sucked me in instantly. What can be more interesting than watching liars showing their best skills?" <-- and this is probably the reason why it's so popular, as for myself, the concept WAS really interesting(reason why I even wrote that comment), but the mis-en-scene was trash, and some actors were just too much fail and made this show into a make-crazy-machine-where-you-want-to-punch-their-faces-till-their-teeth-drop-out. I rated it with 2 stars, because I'm always nicer when it comes to rating dramas, but am a lot harsher when rating films. If I think about it, I should have given it a 'bad', but meh.

I haven't watched that many dramas as of yet, since I'm more of a film person, but if I had to mention one, then it would be Nobuta wo produce. It was just bad, bad, and bad again. I only completed it because I hoped that the good ratings it received would hold some truth to them(you know, that it would have a magical turn in the show and awesomeness would start to spread), but alas, nope, it was a disappointment from beginning on till the end.

And then there's Minami Sineyo.. another awful drama. I completed it because of the same reasons as of why I even dared to touch Nobuta wo produce.
hideki 08 Jul, 2010
you'll get to see me reenacting one of the coolest scenes ever in nobuta (Shuuji on a roof >_>), regardless of whether you liked it or not XD
Random chan 08 Jul, 2010
aw, basically every drama rated 1 on my list :P but ya, liar game, bloody monday, minami sineyo, 1% eh uh ddun gut, ghost friends, itazura na kiss, hana kimi, koishite akuma, tian wai fei xian, meichan no shitsuji and finally yamato nadeshiko shichi henge...
I guess they are the worse episodic dramas (not movies) i've ever seen 'cause they jumped in a second into my head :P but a really fast look on my list will talk for itself...
I hate bad acting, stupid and pathetic plots... but what i hate the most is the people giving those dramas more than 1 and forcing me to wonder what's so good about it... than i watch it... and i have a horrible memory for the rest of my life.

p.s lustmord, let's open a club for bad drama haters :O
nanuklein 08 Jul, 2010
@hideki: tsk tsk, you're really asking for it.

@Random chan: We should, we should. When will groups be implemented on MDL? :O
Random chan 08 Jul, 2010
both of you (and me), no spam :P it's off topic already. By the way, i REALLY hate karei naru ichizoku.
nanuklein 08 Jul, 2010
talking about a group concerning 'bad dramas' isn't THAT off-topic.. >_>
endroine 02 Aug, 2010
Okay why do you all dislike what I like O-O
Nobuta wo Produce is awesome D: AKIRA XD just fun to watch gawd you guys are all too critic.. (al?)
You're Beautiful is also good, i love all the characters and the story is original (not including some things) only a little predictable at some points thats all, not going to write a whole review but its good o-o
Liar Game: good because of the mind games they play lol again, predictable, but whatever. Shota is good but could be better, that girl is annoying but the story is just awesome o-o
Bloody Monday: very original D: not boring at all, not really predictable, characters are awssome (J) acting is good (especially haruma and hiroki <3)
ghost friends sucks >.>
hana kimi is just funny and not very serious thats why you shouldn't think too much of it, turn your brain off and you will enjoy it. srsly.
Koishite akuma sucks, i agree. no idea what tian wai fei zian is but i bet i like it too lol, meichan no shitsuji kind of sucks because of hiro if there were good actors then <3 but it was funny and not boring o-o so i liked it too (especially because of mukai osamu xD) Havent finished watching yamato nadeshiko shichi henge yet but i like it so far o-o i thought I was used to good dramas but sheesh if you cant even like one of those dramas why do you even watch it? isnt drama watching just for fun? ¬¬

Okay now what i dont like:
1 Litre of Tears: Boring, predictable, i dont like the characters they are too whiny etc.
Im sorry, I love you: also predictable, liked so ji sub before he
was shot
and i like the girl because shes cute but srsly i cant stand the fact you know
hes gonna die anyway
and how he lived because of that. I also didnt like how
that one superstar guy just suddenly loved that girl
because i really liked him before that (jung kyung ho or something, dont really remember, he was so cute x-x) anyway it involves too much death so me not likey.
Kami No Shizuku: GAWD SO BORING AND PREDICTABLE. all i can say. couldnt even watch ep 5.
Okane Ga Nai. lol just watch it you know what i mean. xD everything you cant like about a drama, this has it
Celeb To Binbo Taro: boring, predictable, standard japanese drama, bad acting expecially from taro. The only thing i liked is in the last ep
they tricked that one guy, but actually he tricked them, but actually they tricked him xD