How did you discover about MDL?

nanael 22 Feb, 2012
Well, I'm on MAL since years and one day I though "oh, maybe there is the same thing for drama! It would be awesome." So I just type 'mydramalist' and google and... tada.

I'm a genius.
cornflakes 18 Mar, 2012
i think i found it through google
not sure tho :O
Random chan 31 Mar, 2012
@cornflakes XD Google 4 the win.
jianyuan 29 Apr, 2012
from MAL as well :D
jayme8me 16 May, 2012
Yeah I found it through MAL too^^
dutchviola 20 Aug, 2017
Hi there mdl newbies, how did you find this great place?
afterwork 20 Aug, 2017
Looking back on the older posts, it seems majority was through MAL.

Back in the days I was so obsessive with keeping list. I was so glad MDL showed up.