Netflix and VIki originals closed

tamayatz 31 Aug, 2017
Since the Netflix has obviously started to make more and more Korean originals, would there be a way to add in the margin on the left something where it either says it's netflix/viki original or a link to the site?

Because those originals are universal and available in every country where Netflix or Viki is available so it would direct people to watch them in legal sites rather than illegal ones.

What do the admins think ? Is it possible?
Random chan 31 Aug, 2017
@tamayatz I'm not sure what you mean. You want us to write that those are viki / netflix originals? You can currently see it under 'network' in this case.

We don't really wish to promote viki because we don't agree with earning money off subtitles done by people who don't get paid for their work (no matter how nicely they promote this fact and tell you you'll get to watch things for free, it's still using people for free to earn money). But as for netflix, we could theoretically write that -- but there are many other networks that might not be worldwide (netflix isn't ! worldwide btw -- it depends which part of the world you're from), but they offer a lot of content in that sense to the people they offer it to. Adding shoutouts about it being especially from netflix or any other source is kind of redundant in that sense.

People are of course (unlike with illegal sources) welcome to link to it in the comments, discuss it and have fun.

@hideki could you move this topic to feature suggestions?
tamayatz 01 Sep, 2017
Yeah, I get your point with Viki but with Netflix those that are now netflix originals most have a korean network as network. I have understood if the country shows it on their tv they can but anywhere else it's only viewable trough Netflix. This way people would know where to look for it. I think I've only seen the Netflix in the network once but there are many that are made by a Korean company but Netflix has bought the rights for the series.

Of course Netflix isn't in every country but like I said those Korean (and japanese) netflix originals that Netflix has bought the rights to are available everywhere, it's just that not everyone has Netflix and they might watch their series on other services. Legal sites with Korean tv series aren't available in all the countries where Netflix is.

But anyway it's not like you have to do something, it's just that it's worth to think about since obviously Netflix too has noticed the fans of Korean and other Asian series and films.
hideki 02 Sep, 2017
@tamayatz I think that you don't understand what we enter under 'network'. It is the medium on which the work was released on first (be it netflix or television). If something was only released on Netflix, there would be 'type: web' and 'network: netflix'. For films, we don't enter the production company that made them.

If you have any additional suggestions about this topic, feel free to send Random chan or me a private message.

Issue resolved. Topic closed.